Month: January 1997

Proxy server moved to beta status.

Tue Jan 21 00:15:18 PST 1997 — Proxy server moved to beta status. After extensive work by Brian on the caching web and ftp proxy, we’ve moved it from alpha status to beta. In other words, it seems to be working well. We encourage you to try it – it may make your browsing faster, and it will also save bandwidth. Recycle electrons, it’s environmentally friendly. A caching proxy acts as an intermediary between you and a remote site. It’s on a super high speed connection on our backbone, and doesn’t suffer from the latency and delays that a dialup connection does. In addition, it caches web and ftp data in a memory and disk cache, so it’s often the case that the document you want is already here! To configure your browser for the proxy, in your network preferences, select automatic proxy configuration with the following URL. If you have any questions, please see

Connectivity trouble UUNet had a router…

Thu Jan 16 10:13:25 PST 1997 — Connectivity trouble UUNet had a router failure this morning which brought down us and about 20 other UUNet customers including all San Francisco area MSN dialups.

We’ve brought our connection to MCI online, and things are performing much better than they have been for weeks. We’re working with UUNet to resolve their massive loss issues in the T3 network, and in the mean time will be using MCI. Once UUNet has fixed their network, we’ll be online with both at all times, yielding the best possible routes to all locations, plus fully automatic redundancy in case of failures like the trouble that UUNet had this morning. This is a giant stride for us, we’ve become a fully multihomed top level ISP.