Month: May 1998

Busies on 522-1001.

Thu May 28 17:11:32 PDT 1998 — Busies on 522-1001. For the last 45 minutes or so, Pacific Bell has been having difficulties with hunting between our 522-1001 and 522-1002 hunt groups, causing 522-1001 to return busy signals. We are working with Pacific Bell to get the problem solved as soon as possible; meanwhile, the 522-1002 and 522-1003 numbers are not affected. Update: Pacific Bell fixed their translations programming error around midnight last night. They apologized for the busy signals that some customers experienced due to their error. -Dane

We will be rebooting the equipment that…

Thu May 7 09:40:42 PDT 1998 — We will be rebooting the equipment that serves 522-1003 and 522-1389 this morning. The purpose is a firmware upgrade that containes several bug fixes for this equipment. We apologize for any inconvience. -Brian