Month: April 2000 is pleased to announce a new…

Sat Apr 29 02:52:23 PDT 2000 — is pleased to announce a new partnership with Broadlink Communications, and the launch of an exciting new high speed Internet access product. Together, we’ve brought Wireless DSL to Sonoma County, and it’s available for installation now!

Wireless DSL reaches far beyond conventional copper wire based DSL, and brings broadband Internet access to many areas where high speed DSL service has been unavailable.

All you need to get started is a account, which starts at $18.95 per month, and a Broadlink Wireless DSL connection, starting at $39.00 per month. Broadlink installation costs $198.00.

For information, see

— Dane Jasper, Inc. (707)522-1000

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‘Wireless DSL’ (where DSL is ‘Digital…

Tue Apr 25 09:27:01 PDT 2000 — ‘Wireless DSL’ (where DSL is ‘Digital Subscriber Link’ instead of ‘Line’) is coming soon. We are not yet taking orders, and we don’t have full sales information available. Keep an eye on the MOTD for updates as soon as we have them. -Dane

Pacific Bell appears to be overwhelmed by the

Tue Apr 25 18:14:56 PDT 2000 — Pacific Bell appears to be overwhelmed by the response to the current promotion for DSL, and their installation contractors are missing some appointments due to the expanded workload. If you have an installation scheduled with Pacific Bell for DSL, keep in mind that they may fail to arrive, or they may arrive very late in the day, in some cases at late as 9pm.

To inquire about re-scheduling a missed appointment, call Pacific Bell at 1-888-900-9933, select option 1. We’ve found hold times on this line to be 20-60 minutes, so expect delay.

We’re sorry that our partner is having trouble delivering this service as smoothly as they have in the past. remains committed to our available customer service and solid network, and we are sorry that Pacific Bell’s poor performance reflects upon us.

If you are placing a new order for DSL now, the delivery timeline is going to be longer than usual. We’re currently seeing start to finish deployments taking four to five weeks. -Dane, Eli, Jen and Nicole crashed this morning around

Wed Apr 19 09:23:41 PDT 2000 — crashed this morning around 4:20AM, and we brought it back online at 5:15AM. We are working hard today to wrap up deployment of our load balancing switch for HTTP so that a single system failure like this won’t affect any customer websites.

We’ll be load balancing first, then multihomed sites a little later. If you notice any new bad behavior with CGI binaries on your website, please post to and we’ll look at the load balanced systems and see if we can find any differences. -Kelsey, Scott, Dane and Ian

We’re rebooting, our main…

Tue Apr 18 10:39:59 PDT 2000 — We’re rebooting, our main admin server, primary auth and primary DNS system. As we’ve got secondary DNS and authentication, most customers should not be impacted by this reboot. While it’s offline, web based member tools are unavailable. The system is coming back online now, total downtime around five minutes. -Kelsey and Dane

The night ops was finished without a hitch.

Sun Apr 16 02:26:59 PDT 2000 — The night ops was finished without a hitch. So far it appears that the issues with the Alteon have been resolved by the new firmware and is much faster as a result of the hardware upgrades. -Scott and Kelsey