Month: December 2002

Broadlink tower 2 down.

Sat Dec 28 13:48:32 PST 2002 — Broadlink tower 2 down. Broadlink’s tower 2, located near the airport, is currently down. It was apparently marginal before failure. Jason from Broadlink hopes to have diagnostics complete within the next few minutes, from which we can develop an ETR. -Scott, John F., and Jason from Broadlink

Update Sat Dec 28 17:09:10 PST 2002: Broadlink discovered a waterlogged cable at the site. They replace the cable and resealed it. The tower came up at 3:42pm. -Scott and Jason from Broadlink

Bug fix in mail cluster.

Fri Dec 27 11:36:12 PST 2002 — Bug fix in mail cluster. We have encountered and fixed a bug in our mail cluster which was intermittently causing SMTP sessions to be dropped. The issue was found in the DNS lookup libraries on our dual-processor mail servers. A work around has been put in place until our mail cluster is upgraded. -Russ

Broadlink Tower Outage: Power is out at one…

Fri Dec 27 10:27:02 PST 2002 — Broadlink Tower Outage: Power is out at one of Broadlink’s tower sites and their generator has run out of fuel. They are are currently en route with additional fuel and expect to have the tower back online between 12:00 and 1:00 PM. -Support

Update Fri Dec 27 12:46 – Power, and service has been restored. – Eli

Our T3 is currently off-line.

Fri Dec 27 09:29:24 PST 2002 — Our T3 is currently off-line. We are in contact with their NOC and are working with them to bring it back on line as soon as possible. At this time we do not have an ETA. We will update the MOTD as soon as we have more information. -Kelsey and Nathan

Update: The T3 came back online just as we started to do testing with’s NOC. We will both be keeping a close eye on the circuit for the next few days to see if any other errors occur. We don’t believe that any customers should have noticed this outage as our other circuits were able to sustain the additional traffic load. -Kelsey and Nathan

All circuits are busy on 9811 dial-up…

Wed Dec 25 20:35:49 PST 2002 — All circuits are busy on 9811 dial-up numbers. We are experiencing “All circuits are busy” on our focal hunt group. We are currently investigating the problem. In the mean time, please check the POP finder at for alternate dial-up numbers. -Matt, Eli and Kelsey

Update, Wed Dec 25 20:53:54 PST 2002 — We have reboot the NAS gear and are now accepting calls. We will monitor the hunt group over the next few hours but don’t expect to see more problems.

SSL server problem.

Sat Dec 21 10:32:23 PST 2002 — SSL server problem. This morning, the SSL server exhibited the same behavior we’ve seen in the past, where it accepts a connection but then stalls. Investigation reveals that the daemon refresher event failed to kill the old httpd process, so the new process couldn’t run. This has been solved by making the “kill” program more aggressive. Hopefully we won’t have this problem again. -Scott and Nathan R.

sms reboot.

Sat Dec 21 15:15:41 PST 2002 — sms reboot. The router which serves Pac Bell DSL customers rebooted about 5 minutes ago. We will be keeping a close eye on it over the next few hours, but don’t anticipate any more problems. All service has been restored. -Matt, Eli and Kavan

We have resolved the improper routing of mail

Fri Dec 20 23:11:18 PST 2002 — We have resolved the improper routing of mail addressed to our users at,, and, three ISPs that we have acquired in the past. At this time, only users who where migrated from these ISPs can receive mail at their respective domains. This should resolve the apparent mis-delivery of some mail as well as help reduce the volume of SPAM that some users receive. The remaining customer domains that share this problem will be fixed shortly. -Kelsey and Dane.

Broadlink tower outage.

Wed Dec 18 09:34:34 PST 2002 — Broadlink tower outage. Broadlink has determined that the backhaul radio at their Barham tower has failed. Broadlink says that, worst case, they should have all known hardware failures at the tower fixed before noon today. Once the tower is restored, they will verify that service has been restored to each and every customer, and schedule repairs if necessary.

According to PG&E line power to the Barham tower won’t be restored until sometime after 12/20/02. When power is restored the switch from the generator over to wired power may cause a brief outage (5-10 minutes). -Jason and Tim at Broadlink, Scott and Dane at