Month: May 2005

Webmail Issues: Webmail was unavailable for a

Wed May 25 14:54:14 PDT 2005 — Webmail Issues: Webmail was unavailable for a while this afternoon when a routine upgrade of the clustered webmail servers went awry. Webmail has been working correctly since 14:15. -Augie and Kelsey

Problems with mail to

Wed May 25 14:16:09 PDT 2005 — Problems with mail to Since early Sunday morning, all email from’s network has been blocked by and all of their subdomains. We are working to get this unblocked with their abuse department, who is being quite unresponsive to the issue. We hope to have this issue resolved shortly. -Alan and Operations —Update— All hosted domains are now accepting mail from We have removed the work-around that we had in place.

DSL outage.

Tue May 24 07:39:34 PDT 2005 — DSL outage. At 7:08am our DSL concentrator in Santa Rosa locked up and ceased passing traffic due to an apparent software bug. We reloaded it around 20 minutes later, which brought folks back on line by 7:33am. This outage effected both DSL and FRATM T1 customers served out of our Santa Rosa datacenter. -Nathan and Jasper

Outbound mail cluster fixed.

Sat May 21 10:33:27 PDT 2005 — Outbound mail cluster fixed. Our outbound mail cluster, “”, had a problem this morning, which we corrected. (For a few moments, “” wasn’t even answering.) The mail cluster is currently up and fully redundant. -Scott, Nathan, and Augie

Network maintenance complete.

Sat May 14 01:10:37 PDT 2005 — Network maintenance complete. The software update to our second distribution switch went without trouble. Colo customers should not have noticed any lack of connectivity. Broadlink’s SMS was also updated without incident. Customers may have noticed 4-5 minutes of degraded connectivity. All network traffic is flowing smoothly at this time.

-Nathan and Jared

Some mail delayed.

Wed May 11 19:08:53 PDT 2005 — Some mail delayed. While updating mail systems to avoid exploit by the latest Linux vulnerability, we discovered a misconfiguration that delayed some mail for 2.5 hours. Please note that no email was lost, it was only a fraction that was delayed. Mail is now flowing freely, and we are continuing to improve the security of our network. -Scott and Nathan

Network maintenance night-op.

Wed May 11 15:06:42 PDT 2005 — Network maintenance night-op. We will be performing a software update on our backup distribution switch. The work will require a hardware reload. VRRP-configured colo customers may experience degraded performance for approximately 40 seconds. In addition, minor update to Broadlink’s hardware will result in 15-20 minutes of downtime for all Broadlink WDSL customers.

-Nathan and Jared web servers are now configured with

Wed May 11 14:41:34 PDT 2005 — web servers are now configured with PHP safe_mode set to ‘Off’. This will make it easier for customers to make and install PHP applications that require safe_mode to be off. -Augie, Ian, Kelsey, and Nathan.

Google outage.

Sat May 7 16:03:41 PDT 2005 — Google outage. Google is experiencing trouble with their DNS. Folks can still reach Google by IP address at the following link: We’ll try to find out what happened.

-Scott and Nathan

Update: Sat May 7 16:06:03 PDT 2005 — Google’s DNS appears to be working now. -Scott and Nathan now offers DSL in the Los Angeles…

Mon May 2 10:53:08 PDT 2005 — now offers DSL in the Los Angeles area. We’ve expanded, please tell a friend in Southern California!

We are now offering our feature rich and cost effective DSL products in Southern as well as Northern California. SBC voice customers in the LA area can now order DSL service from All our standard features are available for LA area customers, including firewalling, multicast, IPv6, HotSpot hosting, etc.

This expansion brings us to a total of three major California coverage areas: the greater Bay Area and Northern coastline, the Stockton area and now the LA area. A map showing these boundaries is available at:

-Dane, John, Nathan, etc.