Month: June 2005

SAN maintenance very early in the morning…

Fri Jun 24 13:42:46 PDT 2005 — SAN maintenance very early in the morning caused brief outages in POP and web services between 2:30 and 3:30AM after an interface on a NetAPP locked-up and stopped passing traffic. The NetApp was failed over and all traffic is flowing again. -Augie, Jared, and Kelsey.

DSL Outage in Bennett Valley.

Sat Jun 18 19:55:14 PDT 2005 — DSL Outage in Bennett Valley. This afternoon most circuits served by the SNRSCA01 Remote Terminal (Southeast Santa Rosa) stopped passing IP traffic. ASI is aware of the problem, but we have no ETR at this time. We recommend temporarily using alternate connection means such as dialup. We are working with ASI to get this outage resolved as soon as possible. — John F and Technical Support announces firewalling for Broadlink

Wed Jun 15 16:59:37 PDT 2005 — announces firewalling for Broadlink DSL connections. Our DSL firewalling system is being deployed for Broadlink DSL customers on June 27th. All Broadlink customers have been sent an email detailing the new system and what affect it will have on their service. -Dane, Kelsey, Nathan, Chris, etc.

Upgrades to the server did not go as planned.

Tue Jun 14 20:51:36 PDT 2005 — Upgrades to the server did not go as planned. Currently our member tools area is returning errors to some customers. We are working to revert the upgrades, and should have this resolved soon. -Scott, and Kavan

Continuing dialup problems.

Tue Jun 14 19:26:53 PDT 2005 — Continuing dialup problems. We continue to have problems with our dialup numbers that end in 3 and 5. If you are having problems connecting or staying online, please use the POP finder to choose a different number to connect with. Problem numbers include 707-522-1003, which a large number of customers use. We suggest switching to 707-522-1002 instead. -John and Russ

Sacramento dialup problems.

Fri Jun 10 21:43:41 PDT 2005 — Sacramento dialup problems. Dialup service numbers in Davis and Sacramento, area codes 530 and 916, ending in either 3 or 5 are currently not working. The carrier is working on this problem. Dialup numbers ending in other numbers are currently working. Please check our POP Finder to find a different number. -John Update: Our carrier for numbers ending in 3 and 5, including 707-522-1003, are working on their network and switches tonight. This is causing out of service messages on some numbers. They expect this work to be done by Saturday morning. -John

Spam Filtering Upgrades.

Thu Jun 9 09:49:29 PDT 2005 — Spam Filtering Upgrades. Over the past week we’ve made some improvements to our SPAM filtering. Our in-house maintained milter filter has had a number of small improvements and bug fixes deployed which have increased the number of messages we’re able to reject at the MTA substantially. Yesterday, SpamAssassin was upgraded to 3.0.4 in order to take advantage of new rules and scoring as well as numerous small improvements and bug fixes. Users should notice a reduction in both the number of messages in graymail and a reduction of spam in their inboxes. -Kelsey and Russ

Scam Warning.

Tue Jun 7 17:50:00 PDT 2005 — Scam Warning. Recently numerous emails have been sent to our customers claiming to be from instructing them to go to a link to confirm their account name and password, or else their account will be deleted. These emails are not from, they are from scammers trying to steal people’s accounts. will never ask for or send personal and private information via email, and we will never email you an attachment. If you receive these types of emails, you can either just delete them or report them to the Anti Phishing Working Group at: -Alan and the Sonic Abuse Department

Anycast DNS Servers: For the past three weeks

Thu Jun 2 10:50:05 PDT 2005 — Anycast DNS Servers: For the past three weeks we have been running fully redundant anycasted DNS servers hosted at our datacenters in Santa Rosa and San Francisco. Each DNS server plex consists of a hardware load balancer, three real name servers and a routing and monitoring server. This brings true high availability and increased performance to our name servers. We are already well on our way to providing geographically diverse authoritative-only non-recursive name servers as well. Hardware has already been deployed at a facility in New York. For more information please see news:// -Kelsey and Nathan