Month: December 2005 Weather Page.

Sat Dec 31 03:41:53 PST 2005 — Weather Page. We have been developing a weather page using a sensor package installed on our headquarters’ roof. That page can be found at

Discussion regarding the page can be found in the “” newsgroup:


Also, Paul Grosso has been running a weather page since 1995 for the North Bay:

This includes a link to his Russian River watch page:

We hope you find these resources useful. -Scott and Dane

Night Ops.

Fri Dec 30 22:54:33 PST 2005 — Night Ops. Tonight we will be doing some routine system maintenance that may briefly affect access to some services including membertools. We are also going to move a redundant DS3 link to a different router in Santa Rosa – this should be non service affecting. Hope you are keeping dry. -Kelsey, Nathan, Augie and Scott G.

Brief shell server outage.

Wed Dec 28 08:54:44 PST 2005 — Brief shell server outage. This morning a runaway process brought the shell server down for a few minutes. We are currently investigating the cause and will be implementing new monitoring to preempt future problems. -Augie

Mail and Spam Filtering Slow Down.

Wed Dec 21 14:28:52 PST 2005 — Mail and Spam Filtering Slow Down. Emergency maintenance on one of our internal DNS servers has caused mail and spam filtering delays. In some cases mail may be passed to customer inboxes without having been passed through SpamAssassin. The DNS server should be restored to service shortly after a hardware swap is completed. -Augie and Kelsey

Widespread Broadlink outage.

Sun Dec 18 13:19:00 PST 2005 — Widespread Broadlink outage. Broadlink Wireless customers are currently experiencing intermittent network outages throughout much of Santa Rosa. Broadlink technicians are currently investigating, but no other services should be affected. -John F. and Tech Support

Update, Sun Dec 18 15:54:52 PST 2005, Broadlink’s troubles have been isolated to a wire splice which was having water intrusion issues. This splice has been replaced. This may resolve a number of intermittent issues that have caused troubles for Broadlink customers in the last few weeks. -Dane and Jason (@Broadlink)

Broadlink power failure effecting a single…

Sat Dec 17 11:28:21 PST 2005 — Broadlink power failure effecting a single tower. Broadlink is working to get a generator to the tower location in order to restore power. We currently have no ETR. -Tony, Kavan, and Broadlink.

Update: Sat Dec 17 14:08:41 PST 2005 — Service Restored. Broadlink reports that power and service have been fully restored.- John F

New Shell News.

Thu Dec 15 09:15:32 PST 2005 — New Shell News. On Wed, Dec 14, we swung the “” and “” names over to the new shell host. We would appreciate reports in


…which can be reached with “rtin” on the shell host.

Please note: If you don’t know what a shell host is, please disregard this notice. 🙂 -Scott

Holiday hours for Dec.

Thu Dec 15 20:00:57 PST 2005 — Holiday hours for Dec. 16. Our office will be closed tomorrow between 11:30a and 3:30p tomorrow for our annual Staff Holiday party, but will resume cheerful operations thereafter! -Eli

New Shell News.

Wed Dec 14 00:01:02 PST 2005 — New Shell News. On Wed, Dec 14, we will swing the “” and “” names over to the new host. All that is left to do before the move is to get newshell an ip6 address and connect it to the 6bone. -Scott