Month: April 2006

Tonight, shortly after Midnight, we are going

Fri Apr 28 10:57:56 PDT 2006 — Tonight, shortly after Midnight, we are going to perform maintenance and expansion on the NetApp filers that handle mail spools and web sites. Every effort will be taken to minimize downtime of these critical services however each filer will have to be rebooted at least once to perform OS upgrades and add additional storage capacity. -Kelsey and Clay

Update: Sat Apr 29 02:27:04 PDT 2006 — The upgrades went smoothly as planned. Customer impact remained minimal. -Kelsey and Augie.

Shell server changes.

Fri Apr 28 08:12:46 PDT 2006 — Shell server changes. We’ve added a program to, our shell server. (If you don’t know what a shell server is, you can safely ignore this notice.)

Yes, it is the return of “”, the process monitor. However, it is much tamer now — for instance, the “screen” program is exempt from being killed by the monitor, as well as any program with a controlling tty…

Our goal is to prevent crufty, old, idle processes from building up on the shell server, freeing those resources for folks who are actively using the shell server.

Discussion about the shell server itself is certainly welcome in the newsgroup, available here: news:// -Scott

DSL Router Maintenance.

Mon Apr 10 22:54:46 PDT 2006 — DSL Router Maintenance. We will be performing hardware maintenance on our DSL router in Santa Rosa at approx. midnight tonight. Expected downtime is 10-15 minutes for any customers terminated on this router. -Nathan, Kelsey, and Jared

Update Tue Apr 11 00:44:35 PDT 2006: Maintenance is complete. Total downtime was approximately 13 minutes. Earlier today we diagnosed an obscure hardware failure in Santa Rosa’s DSL termination gear that lead to the lockup and subsequent reboot around 8pm. Tonight’s hardware maintenance was a complete swap of the entire unit with our on-site spare. We’ll keep a close eye on its performance over the next few days. -Nathan, Kelsey and Jared

DSL Router Lockup.

Mon Apr 10 20:02:45 PDT 2006 — DSL Router Lockup. Our DSL router in Santa Rosa stopped forwarding traffic at approx 7:50 PM. It has been rebooted and traffic is flowing normally again. We have this device scheduled for hardware replacement in the very near future. -Jared and John

Router Reload.

Sun Apr 9 18:04:39 PDT 2006 — Router Reload. One of our customer-serving routers in Santa Rosa reloaded without warning at approx. 5:45 this afternoon. The router is back up and forwarding traffic at this time. Any T1 or WBA customers served by this router would have been offline for 5-10 minutes. We are investigating the cause behind this unexpected reload. -Zeke and Jared