Month: July 2006

Upcoming DSL maintenance.

Mon Jul 31 17:02:17 PDT 2006 — Upcoming DSL maintenance. We are planning to perform a code upgrade on our DSL aggregator in Santa Rosa this Wednesday night at midnight. The upgrade should involve reloading the router, causing less than 5 minutes of downtime for anyone connected to that router. This router only serves DSL to some of our customers in the bay area. -Jared and Matt

DSL maintenance complete.

Thu Jul 20 00:22:06 PDT 2006 — DSL maintenance complete. The planned code upgrade to one of our DSL aggregators was completed without any trouble. Total downtime for any affected customers was less than 2 minutes. -Jared, Zeke, and Matt

DSL maintenance tonight.

Wed Jul 19 12:03:47 PDT 2006 — DSL maintenance tonight. Tonight at midnight, we will be performing a code upgrade on one of our DSL aggregators. The hardware affected serves DSL customers in the Los Angeles and Salinas areas. Expected downtime is 5-10 minutes. -Jared, Zeke, and Matt

Brief Santa Rosa DSL aggregator outage.

Wed Jul 19 23:40:14 PDT 2006 — Brief Santa Rosa DSL aggregator outage. Our Redback SMS in Santa Rosa stopped forwarding traffic at approx. 11:05PM until service was restored at approx. 11:10PM. We are investigating the cause of failure and expect to perform a software image upgrade on this device in the near future per our collaboration with the vendor. -Network Operations

Stockton DSL outages.

Wed Jul 12 14:07:15 PDT 2006 — Stockton DSL outages. We have confirmed DSL outages throughout the Stockton area. Customers may be experiencing sync with no ability to surf, or severe slow downs in service. AT&T is working to resolve the issues, but we have no ETR at this time. -Kavan, John, and Support Update: Thu Jul 13 15:25:45 — Connectivity to the affected customers has been restored. -Eli, Support