Month: September 2006

Broadlink outage.

Mon Sep 25 12:58:57 PDT 2006 — Broadlink outage. A large percentage of the customers on Broadlink’s network are currently unreachable. Broadlink is working to resolve the issue, and we are awaiting an ETR. -Eli, Support 13:46hrs – Update: The cause of the problem was traced to a core ethernet switch that is failing. The equipment is scheduled for an after-hours replacement, and all affected customers are back online.

Web cluster instability.

Sat Sep 16 12:02:41 PDT 2006 — Web cluster instability. This morning our web cluster was intermittently non-responsive due to internal server issues. We have addressed the problems and web pages are being served normally now. We are investigating the root causes of the issues that arose this morning and will be taking steps to prevent them from recurring. -Jared, Dan, Nathan and Kelsey

Webcluster DoS event.

Sun Sep 10 21:54:06 PDT 2006 — Webcluster DoS event. A brief but significant DoS attack impacted the performance of our webcluster which serves most customer sites as well as The attack is over and at this time the cluster is fully operational. We will continue to monitor closely. -Zeke and Kelsey