Month: November 2006

Some AT&T DSL customers of all ISPs…

Tue Nov 21 11:10:30 PST 2006 — Some AT&T DSL customers of all ISPs (including are currently experiencing slow performance that appears to be related to a network congestion issue in AT&T’s ATM network in California.

The congestion appears to have begun this morning around 3am, apparently when a number of customer routes were moved to a pair of circuits which are over capacity. This has resulted in packet loss and high latency for end-users whose links are being routed over the congested links. Estimated time to repair is one to three hours. – Eli, Nathan **I have now mailed this out with incorrect formatting twice. Please accept my apologies for the noise, though I might add that my co-workers are tremendously amused by this. – Eli

Santa Rosa DSL Migration.

Mon Nov 13 18:13:21 PST 2006 — Santa Rosa DSL Migration. At 12:01am on Wednesday, November 15th we will be migrating all of our DSL subscribers terminating in Santa Rosa to a new aggregation circuit landing in San Francisco. The new OC-12 is four times faster than the existing OC-3. In addition, this change brings our subscribers closer to AT&T’s network core. Downtime should be under 15 minutes, with most folks noticing only a 5 minute outage. -Nathan, Kelsey, Jared and Zeke

Update Wed Nov 15 02:21:27 PST 2006 — The DSL migration was completed successfully. -Nathan, Kelsey, Jared and Zeke

SpamAssassin Upgrades and Changes.

Fri Nov 10 14:24:55 PST 2006 — SpamAssassin Upgrades and Changes. Over the last couple of weeks we began testing a new SpamAssassin module that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan attached images for known spam phrases resulting in a silent deployment last week. So far it, along with another 3rd party rule and score set, has proven to be very affective at catching most of the spam that was leaking through with an insignificant number of false positive matches. Also, in response to a user’s request, the ‘Drop Blacklisted Messages’ feature now also will drop messages matching Subject and ‘User in Blacklist To’ lists. -Kelsey

Mail Service Interruption.

Wed Nov 8 03:18:10 PST 2006 — Mail Service Interruption. For one hour and thirty four minutes this morning inbound mail delivery and retrieval was unavailable do to a failure on one of our four backend message stores. The exact cause of the failure is still unknown and now that service is restored we’re continuing to investigate the situation. This is the first time we’ve ever experienced a failure like this in the 10+ years that we have been using Network Appliance Filers. At this time all mail queued in our systems is delivering to customers mail spools. No mail was lost or not accepted for delivery for any reason related to this event by our MX servers during this outage. -Kelsey