Month: December 2007

Upstream Network Problems.

Wed Dec 26 16:12:00 PST 2007 — Upstream Network Problems. At approximately 3:45 this afternoon we observed network problems in one of our upstream network provider’s networks. We are working with our provider to isolate and resolve this problem. -Jared and Nathan will be closing at 3pm today,…

Mon Dec 24 13:17:44 PST 2007 — will be closing at 3pm today, Monday December 24th. We will re-open on Wednesday at 6am.

Enterprise dedicated (T1, T3, Business T, Fiber DIA) and colocation clients may call’s 24 hour network operation center in case of emergency. Happy holidays! -Dane

Router Maintenance.

Mon Dec 17 16:05:59 PST 2007 — Router Maintenance. Tonight at 12:01 AM we will be performing minor hardware maintenance on one of our customer T1 aggregation routers in Santa Rosa. No customer downtime is expected. -Jared

Update Tue Dec 18 00:11:54 PST 2007 — Router Maintenance Complete. The hardware maintenance was completed with no problems. There was no customer downtime. -Jared

Router Reload.

Wed Dec 12 15:05:48 PST 2007 — Router Reload. Our Business-T and FRATM aggregation router crashed this afternoon, during routine configuration. The router is back up and running normally, and we are investigating the cause of the crash. Northern California Business-T and FRATM customers experienced approx. 5 minutes of downtime. -Jared

Update Thu Dec 13 16:17:44 PST 2007 — Router Reload. Our Business-T and FRATM aggregation router crashed again today. We have isolated the cause of these crashes and have ensured that they will not occur again. -Jared and Nathan

Minor Internet Routing Problem.

Fri Dec 7 11:24:36 PST 2007 — Minor Internet Routing Problem. Earlier today, another ISP accidentally announced one of our networks into the global Internet routing table. This caused all customers in to have no connectivity to the Internet at large. We contacted the ISP in question and had them remove the erroneous route. Internet connectivity for the IPs in question has been restored. -Jared and Jasper

Network instability.

Thu Dec 6 15:56:30 PST 2007 — Network instability. At approximately 3:36pm one of our core routers in San Francisco restarted all of its BGP sessions without cause. The sessions took a few minutes to restore. Customers may have noticed intermittent reachability to some destinations during this period. We’ll be investigating the cause to try and prevent this from happening again! -Nathan and the NOC