Month: July 2013

Database Latency

UPDATE: Customer databases and sites are back to normal.

Operations staff is currently acting on reports of slow database access on our customers’ websites. An update will be posted when access times are back to normal.

— Joe and the SOC

NOC hotline unreachable

The NOC hotline for business customer support is presently experiencing call completion issues. We are working to diagnose and resolve this problem, but in the mean time please contact support at 707-547-3400 and request to be transferred to the NOC if necessary.  An update will be posted when this service interruption has been restored. NOC

Update: NOC hotline reachablity should now be restored. We are still working to determine the root cause of the issue.

Server Maintenance

Tonight, July 25, from 11:30 – 11:59pm, System Operations will be performing server updates. Customers with Custom Hosting will experience a short period of downtime. All other upgrades are internal and should not cause service interruption.

— Joe, Grant, and the SOC

Server Maintenance

UPDATE: All maintenance has been completed.

Tonight, July 18th, from 11pm – 11:59pm, the System Operations group will be performing software upgrades on several servers.

During this time, email and databases may be briefly inaccessible or sporadic. Updates will be posted to the MOTD page at

— Joe and the SOC

Fusion/FlexLink Equipment Maintenance

This evening, beginning at 12:00AM, we will be performing intrusive maintenance on equipment serving Fusion and FlexLink Ethernet customers in the Windsor and Healdsburg areas. Expected downtime for affected customers is less than 15 minutes.


Update: It has been determined that the software update done during this maintenance window has caused significant stability issues for some of the affected Fusion customers. We will be rolling back the software update this evening at 12:00AM and will be working further with our equipment vendor to determine the root cause of the stability issues.

Fusion 411 service discontinuation

Since the launch of our Fusion telephone service, we have routed 411 toward free directory services in order to avoid the typical 411 directory lookup fee for our customers. Initial we used Google’s GOOG-411, and then when it was discontinued, we routed to Microsoft’s BING-411. They discontinued this service and we switched to JustDial, which was the last free directory service we are aware of.

Now JustDial has discontinued their free service, so Fusion customers calling 411 now will simply hear a message suggesting they use the Internet to look up their number.

We could put a fee-based 411 system in place if there was customer interest in it. If you’ve got feedback on this topic, please weigh in on our forum, here:

UPDATE: Thanks to Sonic customer “aw”, we’ve found a new free service to route calls to. 411 calls are now routed to 24/7’s free Information Service. It offers directory services as well as driving directions, movie times, time, etc.



Emergency Network Maintenance

Earlier tonight intermittent connectivity issues re-awakened in the San Pedro area. A reload of the affected router has stabilized the router for now. We will be replacing the affected unit during a maintenance window beginning at 11:59PM this evening.

– Robbie

Update. The router has been replaced and the maintenance window has been closed.

Webmail Beta Going Live, Squirrel Mail Stays

On Tuesday July 30th our existing beta webmail system is going to be promoted to be our primary client and will replace all currently available clients including SquirrelMail, NutsMail and AtMail.  Due to popular demand, SquirrelMail will be retained at a new URL,  Users that wish to continue using SquirrelMail are encouraged to change over to the new URL now.  For more information please the forums.

Update: July 30th, 11:45 AM.  The migration to the new webmail platform was completed early this AM.  We fixed several links from our website to the old webmail urls, as well as an issue when browsing directly to without https:// later this morning.


Emergency Network Maintenance

Today, starting at around 9am, a software bug caused intermittent connectivity issues to telecom customers in the San Pedro area. An emergency reload of this equipment has stabilized all connections, and we will be working with our hardware vendors to ensure this does not happen again.


Network Maintenance

Tonight, July 3, beginning at 11:59PM, we will be performing minor maintenance on routers that serve Biz-T and FRATM customers in both northern and southern California. Expected down time is less than 10 minutes.

Update: Maintenance complete.