Month: June 2019

San Francisco Fiber Maintenance

Tonight we will be performing maintenance affecting a small subset of customers on our Fiber infrastructure in The Sunset district of San Francisco. The maintenance will begin at 11:00pm and is expected to be complete by 6:00am tomorrow, 6/28.

System Maintenance

Update: Maintenance completed at 12:30am.

Tonight at 11pm we will be updating several systems including our VPN server and custom hosting servers.  Any downtime should be very brief and we expect to complete the maintenance within 2 hours. Thank you.

System Maintenance

Update: Maintenance complete.

The System Operations team will be applying security updates to several servers tonight from 10pm to midnight.
This may result in temporary issues reaching Webmail, Member Tools, and the Forums. We will post an update when work is complete.

— Joe M

Phone Switch Maintenance

Update:12:10 AM Maintenance is complete.

Tonight 6/13/2019 at 11:59 PM we will be performing maintenance on our phone switch. No service interruptions is expected as a result of this maintenance. The window for this maintenance is 2 hours.

~Network Engineering

Unplanned Shell Server Outage

Update: is back online. We are still investigating the root cause of the failure and will take steps to prevent a similar issue once we have a better understanding of what went wrong.


During scheduled maintenance work, was brought offline and subsequently crashed. Sonic Operations is working to repair this host and anticipates bringing it back online during business hours Wednesday.

This post will be updated when that work is complete.

System Maintenance

Update: Maintenance complete. One server ( did not recover from maintenance work and will be repaired during business hours.


Tonight at 11pm we will be performing upgrades on various servers, including our VPN server.  Any downtime for services should be brief and we expect to complete the maintenance within 2 hours.

San Francisco

Update 10:09 AM
Repair is complete. If you are still having trouble please give our Support folks a call.
Current estimated time of repair is by Noon. 12:00pm
A subset of our Fiber customers are experiencing no connectivity. Our network engineers are working to resolve the issue.

San Francisco – Emergency Fusion Fiber Maintenance

update(12:41) – maintenance is now complete

-Network Engineering


Tonight at 11:59pm we will be replacing a piece of core equipment serving Fusion Fiber and Fusion Business customers in the Sunset area.  Estimated downtime is less than 40 mins while the device boots and connections come up.  The maintenance window will be 3 hours.