Month: May 2021

Power Outage at Santa Rosa Data Center

Update: Power has been restored to our Santa Rosa location.


We are currently experiencing a power outage at our Santa Rosa main office. The backup generator system is functioning correctly, so there is no interruption of service at this time. PG and E has an ETR of 1:15pm.

  • SOC and Facilities

San Francisco – Emergency Fusion Fiber Maintenance

Update 5/7/21 2:37AM: This maintenance is now complete.

Tomorrow (5/7/21) morning starting at 2:00AM, we are performing emergency maintenance on hardware serving a subset of Fusion Fiber customers in the San Francisco. The expected down time is approximately 10-30 minutes. The maintenance window is 2 hours. An update will be provided on conclusion of the work.

-Network Engineering

System Maintenance

Tonight (May 6 2021) beginning at 10PM we will be applying updates to multiple systems including our VPN servers. Any downtime should be very brief, and we expect to complete the maintenance within 2 hours.

Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Moraga, Hercules, San Ramon – Intrusive Maintenance for Fusion and FlexLink Copper Services

Update:  5:10am Equipment replaced and service is restored.

Update 4:30am We are in the process of replacing a failed piece of equipment in Oakland.

Update 2:20am Maintenance has been postponed

Thursday, 5/06/21, starting at 2:00 AM, we will be performing intrusive maintenance affecting Fusion and FlexLink copper customers in Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Moraga, Hercules, and San Ramon. Expected down time within the maintenance window is approximately 30 min. The maintenance window is 2 hours.

-Network Engineering