Author: Dane Jasper

Status update from Sonic, fires in North Bay

Sonic is based in Santa Rosa, where our local community has been badly impacted by the wildfires of the last two days. A number of our team members have lost their homes, and we are still working to verify that everyone is safe and accounted for. Our office is serving as a shelter for a number of displaced staff, families and pets.

During this time, our ability to provide customer service and installation and repair is limited by staff availability. Many staff and their families have been directly affected by the fires, and we are working to support them.

Our call center hours and availability will be variable in the next few days. Text and email support may be an option if we are unable to take your call. You can obtain support status and alternate contact methods via our support page, at:

For those outside the local area, you can get an overview of what our community is coping with at:

If you would like to assist, please volunteer or donate to the Red Cross, here:

If you can provide a room or a home for those affected, of if you need housing, AirBnB has activated their emergency housing exchange:

Sonic’s network is largely unaffected, and service to the vast majority of Sonic members is online and working normally. This includes internet access, voice telephone and 911 service. Seeing the reliability of our network, I am very proud of our engineering, design and construction teams, they have built a resilient carrier-grade platform for our members, a platform that is continuing to provide critical communication services during this natural disaster.

I’d also like to commend the 423 team members here, who I am so proud to see supporting each other as we cope with this fire. They are hosting co-workers and their families as they deal with evacuations and lost homes, and they are volunteering in nearby shelter locations. The character and energy of this team is amazing to see.