Author: Marshall Cooper

Telephone Reachability Issues

Update (10:10am 09/28): Unfortunately, issues seem to have returned this morning.  We are continuing our escalation with Engineering, and are actively working with the affected upstream carriers as quickly as we can.  We will be working on making route changes to mitigate problems wherever possible.


Update (4:40pm): This issue appears to be tentatively resolved.  Test calls in and out of our network are working as expected at this time.  Please reach out to our support team if any inbound or outbound calling issues persist.


Update (12:11pm): Our Engineering team has made a route change to help mitigate the issue for outbound calls.  We are still actively working on fixing the issue as a whole, and will continue to provide updates as we receive them.


We are actively investigating voice issues across our network, intermittently affecting some inbound and outbound calls for both residential and enterprise customers. Symptoms include Post Dial Delay (PDD), DTMF tones not being properly sent or received, and some dropped calls. This appears to be a widespread issue with multiple voice carriers, and we have escalated the issue with our engineering team, and have opened tickets with all affected upstream carriers.

We will update this post as we get more information about the developing situation.

– Network Operations

Santa Rosa – Flexlink Long Range Outage

Update: Issues impacting Flexlink Long Range customers in Santa Rosa are now resolved.

A subset of our Flexlink Long Range customers in Santa Rosa are currently having connection issues.  Our Network Operations Center and Network Engineers are currently investigating and working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.  We will post updates as we receive them.