Author: Michael Harmon

San Francisco

Update 10:09 AM
Repair is complete. If you are still having trouble please give our Support folks a call.
Current estimated time of repair is by Noon. 12:00pm
A subset of our Fiber customers are experiencing no connectivity. Our network engineers are working to resolve the issue.

Small Legacy DSL Outage

As of 8:15 am we have been getting reports of a issue on our Legacy DSL network. Currently we do not have estimated time of repair as of yet but will update as soon as able.

Update: Service was restored as out 11:10AM this morning.  We identified a hardware failure in our DSL aggregation network, and reconfigured customer traffic to use redundant equipment.  The failed hardware will be replaced shortly in a planned maintenance window.

-Network Engineering

Small outage in Lafayette

Currently experiencing a small Fusion DSL outage in Lafayette CA. No estimated repair time as of yet.


12/7/18 9:10 AM



Outage has been cleared as of  9:14

If you are experiencing continued issues please give our Support team a call.

Small outage in San Francisco

As of 1:30pm 9/24 the issue should be clear. If you are still having trouble please give our Support folks a call.


9am 9/24

We are having trouble with some of our FUSION DSL equipment in San Francisco. Our engineering team is working hard on repairs. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Small Fiber Outage in San Francisco

We are currently experiencing a small outage for a few of our Fusion Fiber customers in San Francisco. Our Engineers are working on the problem but we have no estimated time of repair as of yet.



Outage has been cleared. If you are still having issues please contact Support.