Author: Mike Ely

Shell Server Reboot

Tonight at 10pm the shell server will be rebooted to address an issue causing slow login. Services should be restored within a few minutes.

VPN Maintenance

Update: 10:08pm: Maintenance work complete.

Tonight beginning at 10pm we will be performing maintenance on the VPN cluster. Downtime for each node is expected to be brief and maintenance is expected to last less than half an hour.

System Maintenance

Update 10/20 11:30pm: Maintenance work is complete.

Update 10:55pm: Due to unforeseen circumstances this maintenance work has been rescheduled for the following evening.


10/19/2021: Sonic Operations will conduct maintenance on various public-facing systems, including the VPN servers, beginning at 11pm. Downtime for individual systems will be brief, and the maintenance window is one hour.

VPN Maintenance

Beginning at 11pm tonight, October 7, Sonic Operations will perform maintenance on the VPN cluster. While downtime is not expected, clients may experience reconnects as various nodes are restarted. Expected duration of the maintenance operations is less than half an hour.

Update 11:11pm: Maintenance complete.

Systems Maintenance

Update: Maintenance complete

Tonight beginning at 11pm we will begin routine maintenance of multiple public-facing systems, including webmail and VPN. Downtime for each system should be a few minutes, and the maintenance window is one hour.

System Maintenance

Tonight (May 6 2021) beginning at 10PM we will be applying updates to multiple systems including our VPN servers. Any downtime should be very brief, and we expect to complete the maintenance within 2 hours.

Address qualification system maintenance

Beginning at midnight tonight we will be upgrading systems related to address qualification. During this time looking up certain addresses on may return an error. Our maintenance window for this work is one hour.

Update 12:45am: Work is complete.

VPN Server Downtime

Beginning at 11pm tonight the Sonic VPN servers, both production and beta, will be migrated to new infrastructure. This will require brief downtime (roughly 5 minutes) for each server.

Sonic VPN Maintenance

Update: This work was completed successfully before 11:15pm.

Starting at 11pm this evening the Sonic VPN server will be taken offline for updates. We expect this outage to last no more than fifteen minutes. An update will be posted here once maintenance is complete.

System Maintenance

Starting at 10pm tonight System Operations will conduct planned maintenance on a host serving bandwidth graphs for certain legacy products. This will impact specific applications that display graphs for those legacy products – no other impact is expected. Total downtime should be approximately one hour.