Author: Spencer Vero

Sonic Fiber SSE Outage

  Update (02:00 am): Connectivity has been restored to our upstream provider. Fiber DIA SSE services have be restored at this time.
  Update (1:30 am): A technician is being dispatched into the data center via our upstream provider.


At approximately 10:00 PM a portion of our Fiber DIA SSE customers are without service and hard down. We are investigating and escalating with our upstream provider to restore service. Updates to follow.

-Network Engineering

Inbound Call Routing Issue

Update: 9:50 PM

Inbound call routing issue has been resolved. If anyone experiences any issues please call during support hours.

Update: 7:24 PM

We are currently still engaged with our upstream carrier to resolve the issue. We have no ETR as of yet but continue to escalate the issue with the carrier.

~ Network Engineering

Update: 5:15 PM

We are expeditiously working with our upstream carrier to resolve the routing issue. No ETR given at this time. We will continue to provide updates as soon as possible.


We are currently investigating an inbound call routing issue effecting some of our Fusion customers. We will provide updates as soon as we are able.



San Francisco – Fusion Fiber Outage

During emergency maintenance yesterday evening (11/8/17) a portion of Fusion Fiber customers in San Francisco experienced loss of service. We are currently working to restore service to the affected customers.

Update: Support has restored service to all customers that could be repaired remotely. Support is compiling a list of customers still affected by the outage and reaching out to them to get service restored.

Update (1:15 pm): All services affected by the outage are now restored.  If you are having any problems with your Fiber service please contact Support.