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Sonic.net releases a few good Blogs.

For the last few weeks we here at Sonic.net have been working on setting up a few new Blogs to increase transparency into our company and keep our customers and the public at large more informed about our latest developments.

These Blogs are:

The Sonic.net CEO Blog – http://corp.sonic.net/ceo/ : Postings from Dane Jasper our CEO.

The Sonic.net Insider Blog – http://corp.sonic.net/insider/ : The inside scoop on the goings on at Sonic.net.

The Sonic.net Internals Blog – http://corp.sonic.net/internals/ : The technical internal workings of Sonic.net; a blog for System and Network Admins.

The Sonic.net Status Blog – http://corp.sonic.net/status/ : Messages on the current status of Sonic.net’s systems and equipment.

For ease of use you can see the latest content from all these Blogs aggregated at http://corp.sonic.net/blogs/ with links at the top of the page to the other Blogs; clicking on the title of a post will take you to the original posting where you can then leave a comment if you like.

It is our hope that these efforts along with other efforts will increase the communication and transparency we have with our customers and that that improved communication will improve the experience that our customers have with Sonic.net.