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SPF record added to domains with Sonic DNS & Email hosting

Today on August 22, 2022, we added a default SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record to every customer domain name that has Sonic DNS hosting and email hosted with Sonic.

On August 15th, we emailed everyone who would be impacted by this change. The email subject was “Important information about your Sonic domain email hosting” and included a list of domain names that would be updated.

If you did not receive the email or do not have domain email and DNS hosting with Sonic, this notification does not apply to you.

If you received the above notification email and did not opt out or add an SPF record before today, the following SPF record was added to your domain:

"v=spf1 include:mail.sonic.net ~all"

For more information, please see our help document SPF and Sonic. To learn more about SPF, see Sender Policy Framework on Wikipedia.

We made this change to fight spam & phishing and to help ensure reliable email delivery for our domain email customers. SPF tells other email providers that Sonic is authorized to send email on behalf of these hosted domain names.

New “labs” project: DNSSEC enabled recursive name servers are available.

The DNSSEC servers provided by Sonic.net are not in any way supported by our Technical Support team, they are available as a “labs” project for advanced customers only.

We have deployed a new set of DNS servers for our customers to use if they want the added protection of DNSSEC while they surf the Internet, these new servers are made available as an advanced option, and are in no way meant to replace our existing DNS servers — in other words: proceed with caution, and do not proceed unless you feel confident in doing so.

Sonic.net believes this service will help keep our customers more secure as they surf the Internet, and that by offering this service we are helping support wide-spread adoption of DNSSEC across the Internet.

For more information, please visit our Wiki page :

https://wiki.sonic.net/wiki/DNSSEC .

Please submit comments, questions, or concerns to the “Labs” section of our Forums, a thread on this topic has already been started here:

https://forums.sonic.net/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=587 .

DNS hardware upgrades.

Yesterday we completed an upgrade of our recursive DNS clusters (what you see as ns1.sonic.net and ns2.sonic.net).

This upgrade gives those DNS servers a substantial performance boost and enables them to handle the ever increasing ammout of requests that they see.

DNS is core to the Internet experience — without it : E-mail ceases to function, and surfing your favorite web-sites is impossible; it is because of this that we have always made DNS a priority in our infrastructure and are very proud of our ability to stay available even during times of high traffic and maintenance.

— Augie and Don.

New features added to our DNS Editor tool.

We have added the ability for our customers to edit their Reverse DNS in our DNS Editor Member Tool:


This tool works for anyone with IP Address services with us; be it Colocation, Leased Server, DSL, or anything else with an IP address tied to it; you can now use this tool to assign the corresponding DNS records to those addresses.

This feature is most useful to those running their own mail servers and can also be of use to those people who want both the forward and reverse of their domain name to match.

Authoriative Name Servers now with IPv6 support!

a.auth-ns.sonic.net and b.auth-ns.sonic.net are now fully IPv6 enabled for answering authoritative DNS requests over IPv6. While IPv6 is still a long way off from widespread deployment we are seeing more and more services becoming available via IPv6.

Sonic.net has provided IPv6 tunnel services to all broadband connected customers since April of 2003. For more information check out http://sonic.net/features/ipv6 or head straight to our membertools to setup your tunnel today.