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New “labs” project: DNSSEC enabled recursive name servers are available.

The DNSSEC servers provided by Sonic.net are not in any way supported by our Technical Support team, they are available as a “labs” project for advanced customers only.

We have deployed a new set of DNS servers for our customers to use if they want the added protection of DNSSEC while they surf the Internet, these new servers are made available as an advanced option, and are in no way meant to replace our existing DNS servers — in other words: proceed with caution, and do not proceed unless you feel confident in doing so.

Sonic.net believes this service will help keep our customers more secure as they surf the Internet, and that by offering this service we are helping support wide-spread adoption of DNSSEC across the Internet.

For more information, please visit our Wiki page :

https://wiki.sonic.net/wiki/DNSSEC .

Please submit comments, questions, or concerns to the “Labs” section of our Forums, a thread on this topic has already been started here:

https://forums.sonic.net/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=587 .