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Webmail Upgrade

On Friday, April 15th at approximately 11 PM, webmail.sonic.net will be temporarily unavailable while it is upgraded.  We expect this to take approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.  Mail services such as IMAP and POP will remain available and webmail-beta.sonic.net can be used during this time to retrieve mail.

Please see this forum post for more information.  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to try the beta and report any issues regarding features or functionality that you use in the current version.  Please note that settings between beta and production are separate, but all mail and folders are synchronized between the two.


Mail Storage Maintenance.

Tonight at Midnight we will be performing maintenance on the NetApp Filers that store Customer E-Mail; there is no expected downtime during this period and will take less than an hour to be completed.

During this period we will be adding additional capacity to these Filers; this capacity will allow for future growth of Customer E-Mail storage and improved performance for all of Sonic.net’s E-Mail Customers.

–Augie, Don, William, Sal, and Kelsey.

Update: maintenance has been completed; no problems were encountered (other than starting later than scheduled); capacity was nearly doubled on our E-Mail Storage System. –Augie

New email Member Tools released today

We deployed the email portion of our New Member Tool suite this morning. Significant improvements have been made, particularly in the following tools:

  • Our Spam Filtering Configuration tools have been rewritten from the ground up to be easier and more intuitive to use. They’re available at https://members.sonic.net/email/spam.

Please check them out and let us know what you think! Feedback can be sent to members@sonic.net.

Dianne & Kelsey