Custom hosting outage

Update: Migration work complete, all custom hosting sites are up and running.

Update: We will be resuming the migration of the remaining custom hosting sites at 11pm. During this time those sites will experience brief downtime.

Starting at 11pm last night, errors during a backend filesystem migration caused several of our custom hosted sites to become unreachable. We are still looking into what caused the errors.


Partial Network Outage

Update(11:08am): It appears the affected networks were much more isolated than we initially believed. Affected network segments include a portion of our 2260 Apollo Way data center, as well as a number of internal monitoring and management networks. Another update will be provided tomorrow during business hours.

Tonight, August 4, starting around 9:49PM, a core router rebooted, causing wide-spread intermittent connectivity issues. This device was in a redundant configuration, will will receive some scrutiny as to why graceful failover did not occur.

We believe service has been mostly, if not completely restored and will provide updates as we have them.

-Netwokr Engineering

Cisco VPN Services Shutdown 8/31

We’re shutting down our legacy Cisco VPN services at the end of the August, 2020.  It has been replaced with our OpenVPN server which is also free for all Sonic customers to use.  OpenVPN is a modern VPN service with widespread support available in all current operating systems, mobile platforms and even many routers and firewalls.

To use the new VPN, simply log into using your Sonic username and password then download and install the appropriate client.  Once complete you can either download and import the connection profile manually or log in directly to

The few users still connecting to the old service have been notified directly.


Emergency Maintenance in Sacramento area

Update: 12:25am Maintenance complete

Tonight beginning at 11:59pm we will be replacing a redundant management card on transport equipment serving the Sacramento area. No downtime is expected. The maintenance window is 4 hours.

SSL Certificate renewal for

Tonight at 11pm we will be updating the SSL certificate for Please note that some mail clients will prompt the user when it connects to this new certificate. If there are connections issues beyond that, please contact support.


Service Outage in San Francisco

As of 7/31/2020 at 4pm we are experiencing an outage on our AT&T resold internet services (IPBB). The area affected is in San Francisco. We do not have an ETA but we will keep everyone updated via this post. If you are calling in please know that our hold times are higher than usual due to this outage. Please be patient with our Techs on the phone as we work to resolve this outage.
Update: 8/3/2020 9:34am: It is looking like all customer’s services should be up and running again. If you are having any issues please contact Support.

System Maintenance

Update: This maintenance is being postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Tonight beginning at 11pm we will be applying upgrades to multiple systems, including our customer shell server and our VPN servers.  Any downtime should be brief and we expect to complete the maintenance within 3 hours.

Northern California – Legacy DSL Outage

UPDATE: 4:00pm – This issue has been resolved and the outage cleared. If you are still having service issues please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

A small subset of Legacy DSL customers in Northern California are currently without service following scheduled maintenance last night. Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and working toward resolution. We will provide updates here as we receive them.

Northern California – Legacy DSL Maintenance

Beginning at 11:59PM on 7/27/20, we will be performing maintenance on legacy DSL customers in northern California. The maintenance window for this operation is 4 hours, but we expect less than 1 hour of downtime for affected customers.

Extended validation certificate sunset.

Due to waning support from web browsers, we will be replacing our EV (extended validation) certificates for our customer facing websites with standard DV (domain validation) certificates. This will occur over the next six months, during certificate renewal. In most cases this change will not be noticeable. If you are using a browser that supports displaying a green bar along with the company name on EV secured sites, do not be alarmed when one of the following domains no longer displays such a bar in the future:


The new certificates will provide the same level of security as the old ones.