Northbay – Fusion DSL and Flexlink Intrusive Maintenance

Update(2:11AM): Maintenance complete

Tomorrow night, starting at 11:59 PM, a subset of customers in the below areas will experience a brief service interruption while we perform some maintenance. The expected down time is about 15-30 minutes while the equipment reboots. The maintenance window will be 2 hours.

San Rafael
Santa Rosa

– Network Engineering

Los Angeles Outage

** Update – Issue Resolved as of 10:12pm 8/19/2019 **

After an emergency repair dispatch, all customers in the Los Angeles area affected by the fiber outage appear to be back online. If you believe you were affected and are still down, please reach out to us right away.


This afternoon, August 19th, a subset of our enterprise customers in the Los Angeles area have been affected by an outage. We’re currently working to resolve the issue and this post will be updated when more information is available.

Sonic Core Maintenance

Update(3:21): Maintenance complete

Tonight, August 19, starting at 11:59pm, we will be performing maintenance on equipment in Sonic’s northern California core network. Customer’s may experience moments of routing instability, however, no connectivity interruption is expected. This maintenance window is 4 hours.

-Network Engineering

System Maintenance

Update: Maintenance complete.

Tonight beginning at 11pm we will be updating various systems including mail servers.  We expect any service interruptions to be very brief and we should complete the maintenance within 2 hours.

Sonic Core Maintenance

Update(3:34am): Maintenance complete

Tonight, August 15, starting at 11:59pm, we will be performing maintenance on core equipment in Northern California. Customers may experience brief periods of routing instability, however no downtime is expected. This maintenance window is 4 hours.

-Network Engineering

Fusion & FlexLink Maintenance

This week, our Central Office Technicians and Network Engineering teams will be continuing a series of maintenance window operations in our Central Offices that will affect our copper-based services such as Fusion and FlexLink.

For the majority of our customers, this late-night work will largely not affect them. But for some of you that are awake late, like me, or have services running that require internet access during our maintenance window, this work will be impactful. These hardware upgrades are quick procedures lasting only 5-10 minutes of total downtime and are routine and simple operations for us. Your modem will not lose sync, but traffic between the modem and the internet will cease to flow. You may notice this as webpage timeouts, pauses in streaming media such as music, some video streaming platforms, and of course gaming.

We have monitoring systems in place to ensure traffic returns to normal and your internet is back to functioning as you expect it to. If you believe you are still impacted by this, please contact our support department.


Areas affected Tonight:

  • Hayward
  • Albany
  • Davis

Areas affected tomorrow night

  • Watsonville
  • Half Moon Bay
  • Oakland



Sonic Support

– You can request a call – Click the button at

– Request a text (SMS) – Click the button at

– call 855-394-0100

– email our ticket queue at


Thank you for your patience!


-Michael Tardif, Network Engineers, and Central Office Technicians

Phone Switch Maintenance

Update: 11:00 PM  Maintenance is complete.

Tonight 8/13/2019 at 9:00 PM we will be performing maintenance on our
phone switch. No service interruptions is expected as a result of this
maintenance. The window for this maintenance is 2 hours.

~Network Engineering

Faxback Server Maintenance

Tomorrow (8/13/19) at 8:00 PM we will performing intrusive upgrades on our faxback server, which provides faxes for our Enterprise customers. Downtime is expected to be about an hour.

-Network Operations

Nor-Cal Non-Intrusive Network Maintenance

Update(12:26am): Maintenance complete

Tuesday, August 13, starting at 11:59pm, we will be performing non-intrusive maintenance on equipment serving the edge of our network. Maintenance window is 4 hours.

-Network Engineering