Month: January 2004

Focal connectivity issues.

Wed Jan 28 04:24:12 PST 2004 — Focal connectivity issues. The T3 between Focal in San Francisco and our Santa Rosa headquarters bounced at 3:25:21am this morning. The bounce triggered a lockup bug in our Santa Rosa router’s T3 card, which caused the link to remain down even after it was able to pass data. A reboot of the card in Santa Rosa fixed the lockup. This T3 failure impacted the ability for dialup customers served out of Focal to authenticate, check e-mail and get to other Sonic services. The failure also partitioned our UUNet transit circuit from the rest of our network. However, excess transit capacity was able to pick up the slack and only Focal was impaired. Total downtime was approximately 45 minutes. Alternate dialup numbers were available during this outage. To find a list of Sonic dialups in your area, visit: -Nathan

New “MyDoom” email virus trapped by

Tue Jan 27 07:06:57 PST 2004 — New “MyDoom” email virus trapped by anti-virus system. A new email virus is sweeping the Internet. Almost immediately after its release on the Net, our automatic anti-virus software began blocking propagation of the virus.

News on the virus can be found on

Virus inception and impact can be viewed on one of our statistics pages:

We suggest Internet users exercise caution when opening questionable email attachments. In most cases, the “MyDoom” virus will appear to have been sent by someone who has emailed you before.

We are very pleased with the performance of the relatively new anti-virus software — thanks to Kelsey for getting it online. -Scott and Dane

Widespread SBC DSL outage in Santa Rosa area.

Wed Jan 21 09:18:16 PST 2004 — Widespread SBC DSL outage in Santa Rosa area. SBC-ASI is currently working on the issue but there is no ETR at this time. We will keep you updated as we receive more information. -Matt and John K.

Update: SBC-ASI reports that service has been restored. -Matt and John K.

Web Stats and Bandwidth Usage Reports: We’ve…

Fri Jan 16 12:02:45 PST 2004 — Web Stats and Bandwidth Usage Reports: We’ve corrected the immediate problem that caused web stats to be ‘stuck’ for some users and are working towards correcting the root cause. We also corrected a bug in the reporting and accounting of stats from the secure server. Additionally, with the upgrade and migration to a our new dedicated RealMedia server, we are now including RealMedia bandwidth usage in our generalized bandwidth accounting. At this time, the Webalizer reports for RealMedia usage, are not running automatically; this should be corrected shortly. -Kelsey and Kevan

Circuit outage.

Fri Jan 16 03:13:08 PST 2004 — Circuit outage. The transport circuit between our Santa Rosa HQ and Equinix in San Jose is currently down. The vendor has been notified and is looking into the issue. -Nathan

Fri Jan 16 03:14:24 PST 2004 — Update: It’s back up. We’ll continue to monitor the link for problems. -Nathan

Vastly Increased Mirrors: We’ve put a new…

Thu Jan 15 11:02:13 PST 2004 — Vastly Increased Mirrors: We’ve put a new mirror server online available to users on our networks via It now contains the full Linux Kernel tree, FreeBSD and Debian ISOs, Redhat and Fedora trees, as well as a number of other useful packages. Happy Downloading! -Nathan and Kelsey

Update: We’ve updated the ACLs on the ftp servers to allow access to the mirrors from all of our IP space. -Kelsey

Brief web service outage.

Thu Jan 15 19:29:31 PST 2004 — Brief web service outage. We experienced a problem with our web server cluster this evening. During the brief (5 minute) time of the outage web services were not available. Operations restored service and are investigating the cause. Operations

IPv6 Tunnel Outage.

Wed Jan 14 21:15:56 PST 2004 — IPv6 Tunnel Outage. A misconfiguration on the system which provides customer IPv6 tunnels caused it to lose connectivity to the IPv4 Internet. The configuration has been repaired and the tunneling system is operating normally. -Nathan

Graton Rooftop Outage.

Wed Jan 14 09:14:18 PST 2004 — Graton Rooftop Outage. A switch serving Graton Rooftop customers has failed. We are working with an on-site tech to resolve the issue. -Matt