Focal connectivity issues.

Wed Jan 28 04:24:12 PST 2004 — Focal connectivity issues. The T3 between Focal in San Francisco and our Santa Rosa headquarters bounced at 3:25:21am this morning. The bounce triggered a lockup bug in our Santa Rosa router’s T3 card, which caused the link to remain down even after it was able to pass data. A reboot of the card in Santa Rosa fixed the lockup. This T3 failure impacted the ability for dialup customers served out of Focal to authenticate, check e-mail and get to other Sonic services. The failure also partitioned our UUNet transit circuit from the rest of our network. However, excess transit capacity was able to pick up the slack and only Focal was impaired. Total downtime was approximately 45 minutes. Alternate dialup numbers were available during this outage. To find a list of Sonic dialups in your area, visit: -Nathan

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