Month: August 2004

Dial-up problems on ***-***-9811.

Thu Aug 26 21:13:50 PDT 2004 — Dial-up problems on ***-***-9811. Due to a router problem half of our 9811 dial pool lost some or all ability to reach the Internet. Rebooting the router resolved the issue. None of the other modem pools were affected. -Russ

Issues with router maintenance.

Sat Aug 21 09:11:42 PDT 2004 — Issues with router maintenance. An obscure software bug left one of our Santa Rosa customer routers with only partial connectivity to the Internet after last night’s maintenance. Due to the complexity of this issue it was not uncovered until this morning, despite thorough testing after the memory upgrade. A workaround is in place, and we apologize for the interruption. This issue affected many T1 customers served out of Santa Rosa, as well as our Oakland POP. -Zeke

Network upgrades progress report.

Wed Aug 18 15:15:46 PDT 2004 — Network upgrades progress report. We continue to build out our network as previously announced. Our interim network plan is now in service. We have a second 100 Mbps link from Santa Rosa to Equinix-San Jose. The Santa Rosa to 200 Paul, SF, link has been upgraded from a 45 Mbps DS3 to 100 Mbps over Gigabit Ethernet. A second DS3 has been run to our Focal, SF, facility. We have upgraded our UUNet connection from DS3 to Gigabit Ethernet. We have upgraded our Cable and Wireless (now Savvis) connection from DS3 to 100 Mbps Ethernet.

Inserting an ATM switch between SBC’s network and our Redback DSL gateway has fixed the DSL performance problems we were seeing in Santa Rosa. We continue to monitor that system.

Still to come, we will finish the upgrade of the three major legs of our network to full Gigabit Ethernet. Santa Rosa, San Jose and 200 Paul, SF, will be tied together giving us capacity and redundancy. -John, Nathan and Network Operations

Scheduled customer router maintenance.

Wed Aug 18 13:25:12 PDT 2004 — Scheduled customer router maintenance. This coming Saturday at 12:01AM we will be upgrading the RSP DRAM memory on one of our routers serving T1 customers in Sonoma County. Expected downtime is 10 minutes or less while we perform the upgrade. -Zeke and Network Operations

Short LATA 9 DSL outage.

Fri Aug 13 13:37:42 PDT 2004 — Short LATA 9 DSL outage. The Redback SMS500 that serves DSL customers in the LATA 9 region experienced a brief power interruption around 80 minutes ago. The interruption lasted only 5 minutes, and took customers off-line for approximately 9 minutes. We are working with the colocation vendor to ensure that future interruptions are minimized. Network Operations

Broadlink outage.

Tue Aug 10 10:09:00 PDT 2004 — Broadlink outage. The equipment that gateways Broadlink’s network into ours locked up last night about 3 AM. Service was restored at 8:20 AM. All Broadlink customers were affected. -John, Nathan and Jason

Short DS3 outage affects Santa Rosa dialup.

Wed Aug 4 22:46:09 PDT 2004 — Short DS3 outage affects Santa Rosa dialup. We experienced a 20 minute outage tonight, starting at 10:20 PM, that affected the DS3 circuit to our SR2 POP that serves the equipment that answers the 707-522-1001 and -1002 dialup numbers. We believe it is probably a rarely occurring fault in the router port hardware, but we are watching it closely. -Nathan and John

The ATM switch installation went smoothly…

Tue Aug 3 02:06:31 PDT 2004 — The ATM switch installation went smoothly with minimal downtime. The ATM switch should allow us to continue troubleshooting DSL performance problems as well as, hopefully, allowing us to resolve them. -Kelsey and Nathan

Santa Rosa Redback work Monday night.

Mon Aug 2 15:06:53 PDT 2004 — Santa Rosa Redback work Monday night. We are going to be working on the DSL gateway equipment in Santa Rosa tonight at midnight. There may be a couple of brief interruptions in service as we insert our new ATM switch into the circuit from SBC. -Nathan and John