Network upgrades progress report.

Wed Aug 18 15:15:46 PDT 2004 — Network upgrades progress report. We continue to build out our network as previously announced. Our interim network plan is now in service. We have a second 100 Mbps link from Santa Rosa to Equinix-San Jose. The Santa Rosa to 200 Paul, SF, link has been upgraded from a 45 Mbps DS3 to 100 Mbps over Gigabit Ethernet. A second DS3 has been run to our Focal, SF, facility. We have upgraded our UUNet connection from DS3 to Gigabit Ethernet. We have upgraded our Cable and Wireless (now Savvis) connection from DS3 to 100 Mbps Ethernet.

Inserting an ATM switch between SBC’s network and our Redback DSL gateway has fixed the DSL performance problems we were seeing in Santa Rosa. We continue to monitor that system.

Still to come, we will finish the upgrade of the three major legs of our network to full Gigabit Ethernet. Santa Rosa, San Jose and 200 Paul, SF, will be tied together giving us capacity and redundancy. -John, Nathan and Network Operations

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