Month: September 2004

Accelerated dialup service is now available…

Mon Sep 27 12:19:04 PDT 2004 — Accelerated dialup service is now available to members at no additional charge. is now offering the Accelerator, an upgrade to your current dialup connection that offers web browsing at up to five times the speed. Best of all, there is no additional charge for this exciting new feature! For dialup customers who have felt a bit left behind with all the focus on DSL and wireless broadband, this is very good news!

The Accelerator improves your web browsing experience by dramatically accelerating the delivery of web pages to your PC. Our unique combination of intelligent browser caching, compression technology, and edge caching enables Web pages to be delivered to your browser with minimal latency at maximum speeds over your existing dial-up connection. As a result, you can expect a very noticeable improvement in web browsing response time. The Accelerator also includes options to automatically block banner ads and pop-up ads, which can contribute to slow web browsing.

For more information and to download the accelerator, visit the web page at:


Mail problems.

Thu Sep 23 07:55:27 PDT 2004 — Mail problems. For about an hour this morning, starting at 6:45, customers were unable to send email via We found a customer with too many connections to the servers causing resource exhaustion. We blocked them and restored service. We will be analyzing the event in order to determine how we can avoid this problem in the future. -Nathan and John

Authentication Issues.

Wed Sep 22 10:53:53 PDT 2004 — Authentication Issues. An update to our authentication servers has gone awry which caused our servers to reject all authentication attempts for a few minutes. We’re taking the update back into the testing phase to see what went wrong. -Kelsey and Russ

SpamAssassin Upgrade.

Wed Sep 22 10:30:53 PDT 2004 — SpamAssassin Upgrade. The Apache Software Foundation released SpamAssassin 3.0 this morning and we are now running the latest release. Included in SA 3.0 is support for a number of new features including SPF, Hashcash and Jeff Chan’s SURBL. This new release should be the most effective version yet. For more information please see news:// and -Kelsey

First round of migrations to new web cluster.

Wed Sep 22 17:07:52 PDT 2004 — First round of migrations to new web cluster. Our first round of migrations to the new web cluster occurred at 2:30pm without a hitch, and so far there have been no problems. Owners of affected sites received an email on Monday explaining the migration of sites using Berkeley DB. Please let us know about any problems by posting to news:// or emailing -Scott

DHCP problem for DSL subscribers.

Wed Sep 22 16:25:46 PDT 2004 — DHCP problem for DSL subscribers. We are experiencing problems automatically assigning IP information to DSL subscribers at the moment. Our operations staff is working on a solution at the moment. Customers with statically-assigned (non-DHCP) address configurations should be unaffected. – John F and Technical Support

New time for first round of migrations to new

Tue Sep 21 10:38:29 PDT 2004 — New time for first round of migrations to new web cluster. Due to scheduling requirements, the first round of migrations have been postponed until Wednesday, 22 September at 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. -Scott

First round of migrations to new web cluster.

Mon Sep 20 15:55:30 PDT 2004 — First round of migrations to new web cluster. On Wednesday, 22 September, at 11am, will migrate some web sites to the new web cluster. These sites are those owned by any customer using Berkeley DB. We selected these sites for the first round of migrations, as they are the most difficult to migrate.

Customers whose sites are slated for migration have received an email from support. Please post to news:// or email if you have any questions. Also, please email support if you have installed a site that uses Berkeley DB after September 8th. -Scott

Update: The migrations will actually occur Wednesday, 22 September at 2pm. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Customer router maintenance.

Fri Sep 10 18:03:13 PDT 2004 — Customer router maintenance. We will be installing additional interfaces in one of our Santa Rosa customer routers Saturday 9/11/04 at 1:00AM. Expected downtime is 5 minutes for all customers served from this router, which includes some Santa Rosa T1 customers and Wireless Broadband Access customers. -Nathan and Zeke

Office suites are now available at the…

Wed Sep 8 13:17:12 PDT 2004 — Office suites are now available at the building. For small companies involved in Internet related businesses, we have some very interesting office spaces available.

Pricing for offices start at $600 monthly for a suite, and also includes space in our datacenter for your servers and bandwidth delivered on Ethernet to your servers and office. For leasing information, email me, We have always had 100% occupancy here, so this is a rare opportunity. -Dane