Accelerated dialup service is now available…

Mon Sep 27 12:19:04 PDT 2004 — Accelerated dialup service is now available to members at no additional charge. is now offering the Accelerator, an upgrade to your current dialup connection that offers web browsing at up to five times the speed. Best of all, there is no additional charge for this exciting new feature! For dialup customers who have felt a bit left behind with all the focus on DSL and wireless broadband, this is very good news!

The Accelerator improves your web browsing experience by dramatically accelerating the delivery of web pages to your PC. Our unique combination of intelligent browser caching, compression technology, and edge caching enables Web pages to be delivered to your browser with minimal latency at maximum speeds over your existing dial-up connection. As a result, you can expect a very noticeable improvement in web browsing response time. The Accelerator also includes options to automatically block banner ads and pop-up ads, which can contribute to slow web browsing.

For more information and to download the accelerator, visit the web page at:


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