Month: November 2004

More Kernel Updates.

Wed Nov 24 15:26:59 PST 2004 — More Kernel Updates. We’ve identified a bug in the 2.4.28 linux kernel’s arp subsystem that causes some significant problems during the booting of our servers. While we continue to track down this bug we’ve back ported the security updates to 2.4.27. Unfortunately this means we have to reboot a large number of servers again. -Kelsey, Augie, Kevan and Nathan.

Kernel Security Updates.

Tue Nov 23 17:35:43 PST 2004 — Kernel Security Updates. We are in the process of upgrading the Linux kernels on most of our servers to resolve a potential security problem. Thanks to clustering of our major services these upgrades usually go unnoticed; however, we’ve had a increased call volume in response to some minor issues associated with the reboots. –Kelsey and Augie

Domain Locking FAQ.

Fri Nov 12 12:51:05 PST 2004 — Domain Locking FAQ. It has come to our attention that misleading notifications are being mailed to domain name owners regarding new ICANN policy and domain registration transfers. These notifications warn that malicious interlopers can assume control of domain names without confirmation from the domain’s rightful owner unless a registration lock is put in place. These notices are based upon a misinterpretation of new policies going into effect on November 12, 2004 which should have no adverse impact on the security of your domains. More information is available at online. Please disregard messages encouraging you to purchase or otherwise enable registration locking services. — John F

Cluster migration note for cgi-bins.

Thu Nov 11 10:52:23 PST 2004 — Cluster migration note for cgi-bins. If you don’t know what a “cgi-bin” is, please disregard this notice — if you do, please read on. This effects anyone running cgi-bin’s on the new web cluster, including folks running cgi-bin’s on

The new web servers’ environment is not hospitable to very old programs. cgi-bin’s compiled many years ago may need to be recompiled to work properly on the new web cluster. If you need to recompile a cgi-bin, and are having trouble doing so, please post to the newsgroup news:// We apologize for any inconvenience. -Scott migration postponed until 11am…

Tue Nov 9 17:04:39 PST 2004 — migration postponed until 11am tomorrow (Wednesday). The migration of to the new cluster has been postponed due to a process that is taking longer than expected. The process is looking for Berkeley DB files to be upgraded as part of the migration. We had hoped to have this done this afternoon — however, there is still an estimated 8 hours to go before the process completes. We apologize for any inconvenience. -Scott

Network maintenance tonight.

Fri Nov 5 20:53:06 PST 2004 — Network maintenance tonight. At midnight tonight, we will be putting the last of our new Juniper routers into the network. Traffic will be routed around Equinix during this work so no major interruptions should occur. There may be minor, momentary delays as different parts of the network re-converge. We estimate the work will take until 2 AM, but it may go somewhat later. -Nathan and John

Update Sat Nov 6 05:35:39 PST 2004: Network maintenance complete. Sonic’s backbone now runs on Juniper routers. We also added a Gig-E link between Santa Rosa and San Jose tonight to dramatically increase the speed of our fiber ring around the bay area. We now have over two gigabits of capacity leaving Santa Rosa, a huge upgrade from the 150 megabits we had a few months ago! -Nathan and John migration to new web cluster.

Fri Nov 5 18:46:55 PST 2004 — migration to new web cluster. On Tuesday, November 9th, at 11am, we will migrate “” to our new web cluster. This migration should be seamless for almost all customers.

Customers who would like to test their sites on the new cluster prior to migration are invited to browse to, where “/your/path” is the path to your site under We are discussing web migrations in the newsgroup news://

For customers using, FrontPage webs will be converted to be compatible with FrontPage 2003, and all Berkeley DB files will be converted to be compatible with the new web cluster. We have had good success with these migrations so far, so we expect a seamless migration.

-Scott, Dane, and the Operations Team

HotSpot Outage in Santa Rosa.

Tue Nov 2 17:02:29 PST 2004 — HotSpot Outage in Santa Rosa. The ethernet port that serves the hotspot users on the RedBack SMS in Santa Rosa failed, interrupting services. We were able migrate to another available port to restore services to hotspot users. – Nathan, Kelsey and Jared

FrontPage extensions tool online.

Tue Nov 2 15:47:47 PST 2004 — FrontPage extensions tool online. has rolled out our new tool for adding FrontPage server extensions to a hosted web directory. This tool currently works for Value Hosting customers, as well as Basic Hosting customers (that have migrated to the new web cluster). The new extensions are compatible with the Microsoft FrontPage 2003 client. customers can find the tool in “member tools” under “domain name services” at -Scott and Chris B.