Network maintenance tonight.

Fri Nov 5 20:53:06 PST 2004 — Network maintenance tonight. At midnight tonight, we will be putting the last of our new Juniper routers into the network. Traffic will be routed around Equinix during this work so no major interruptions should occur. There may be minor, momentary delays as different parts of the network re-converge. We estimate the work will take until 2 AM, but it may go somewhat later. -Nathan and John

Update Sat Nov 6 05:35:39 PST 2004: Network maintenance complete. Sonic’s backbone now runs on Juniper routers. We also added a Gig-E link between Santa Rosa and San Jose tonight to dramatically increase the speed of our fiber ring around the bay area. We now have over two gigabits of capacity leaving Santa Rosa, a huge upgrade from the 150 megabits we had a few months ago! -Nathan and John

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