Month: August 2007 now offers IMAP access to customer…

Thu Aug 30 15:23:37 PDT 2007 — now offers IMAP access to customer mailboxes as part of our standard service offering along side POP and Webmail. IMAP mailboxes are a great solution for some users who need seamless accessibility to their mail from more than one computer. We’ve also verified that our IMAP servers work well with Apple’s iPhone. For more information please see news:// -Kelsey, Christopher and Don.

Emergency Router Maintenance.

Thu Aug 30 15:02:27 PDT 2007 — Emergency Router Maintenance. On Friday, August 31st at 12:01 AM we will be performing a reboot on one of our customer aggregation routers. All Business-T and FRATM customers will experience a few minutes of downtime as the router reloads. -Dusty and Nathan

Update Fri Aug 31 01:05:45 PDT 2007 — Maintenance completed. Actual downtime for affected customers during router reload was approximately 5 minutes. -Dusty and Nathan

Chico DSL Maintenance.

Mon Aug 20 15:40:37 PDT 2007 — Chico DSL Maintenance. This Wednesday, August 22nd at 12:01 AM we will be performing backend maintenance on our Chico DSL backhaul circuit. The maintenance is a follow-up to the capacity upgrade to this circuit which was completed last week. Expected downtime is less than 10 minutes per customer. -Jared and Dusty

Update Wed Aug 22 01:31:10 PDT 2007 — Maintenance completed. We have completed our backend maintenance on this circuit. Total downtime for each customer was less than 10 minutes. -Jared and Dusty

Chico DSL Aggregation Upgrade.

Wed Aug 15 16:29:15 PDT 2007 — Chico DSL Aggregation Upgrade. On Friday, August 17th at 12:01am, we will be upgrading our Chico DSL aggregation circuit. Expected downtime during this migration is approximately 20 minutes for all customers, though some may experience a significantly shorter outage. The new circuit rides an end-to-end redundant path from Chico to our aggregation hub in San Francisco, further increasing the reliability of our DSL offering. The increased capacity will also allow further growth in the area without the possibility of performance degradation due to overcrowding. -Dusty and Nathan

Update Fri Aug 17 00:29:25 PDT 2007 — This upgrade has been completed successfully. Downtime was under 4 minutes for all DSL customers in the Chico area. -Dusty and Nathan

DSL Aggregation Equipment Maintenance.

Mon Aug 13 16:43:26 PDT 2007 — DSL Aggregation Equipment Maintenance. At 12:01AM on Thursday, August 16th, we will be performing non-intrusive tests on the hardware that aggregates our ATM circuits that serve DSL in the Stockton/Modesto, Sacramento, and Fresno areas. Since the aggregation circuit rides a redundant ring, we do not expect any downtime. Actual maintenance should not last longer than 10 minutes. -Dusty and Jared

Update Thu Aug 16 00:24:48 PDT 2007 — We have finished our equipment maintenance for the evening. Aggregation circuit redundancy testing was completed with no customer impact. -Dusty and Jared

Upstream network issue.

Wed Aug 1 22:51:13 PDT 2007 — Upstream network issue. Connectivity via one of our upstream providers was impacted for a short time this evening as they were experiencing routing problems. Impact would have been inability to connect to certain websites. Our upstream provider corrected their issue approx. 30 minutes ago, and we continue to monitor the issue. -Jared