Month: March 2008

GigaMAN maintenance.

Fri Mar 28 17:16:54 PDT 2008 — GigaMAN maintenance. Tonight we will be performing maintenance with AT&T on one of our two redundant GigaMAN circuits. We have removed all traffic from the affected circuit, so there should be no customer impact. During the maintenance, however, our Santa Rosa POP will no longer be redundantly connected to the network. We do not anticipate any problems with this maintenance. -Jared and Nathan

Intermittent DSL outage, Santa Rosa.

Tue Mar 25 14:04:31 PDT 2008 — Intermittent DSL outage, Santa Rosa. DSL customers in Santa Rosa are experiencing intermittent outages that last for 5-10 minutes at a time. We are working with AT&T to resolve the issue, but we do not have an ETR at this time. – Eli

SuperNews is Giganews.

Mon Mar 24 13:48:00 PDT 2008 — SuperNews is Giganews. SuperNews has recently been purchased by Giganews. Giganews is going to migrate all news services to their datacenter on March 31st. This migration will renumber all of the articles in the news groups so you may need to force your news reader to reload any groups that you are subscribed to. Please consult your news reader for further instructions. This does not affect — only customers using our legacy SuperNews news service. -Kelsey

Botnet attack directed at inbound mail…

Thu Mar 13 07:44:22 PDT 2008 — Botnet attack directed at inbound mail cluster. Since around 4am this morning we have seen a wide spread attack against our inbound mail cluster; we have taken steps to mitigate the impact, but from 4am – 6am mail coming into our servers may have been delayed. We are keeping a close eye on things and will react as appropriate while the attack lasts. -Augie and William.

DSL Migration Complete.

Update Thu Mar 13 00:26:07 PDT 2008 — DSL Migration Complete. We have completed our migration of DSL customers. Total customer downtime was less than 10 minutes. -Jared and Dusty