Month: January 2009

Unexpected Customer Router Reload

At 6:07 PM today, one of our T1 aggregation routers in Santa Rosa reloaded unexpectedly. The router is back up and serving normally at this time. We will be investigating the cause of this router reload, and apologize for any interruption of service this may have caused.

-Jared and Nathan

Emergency Provider Circuit Maintenance

The backhaul provider of our circuit that provides DSL service to the Chico area must perform card maintenance that will disrupt our service to that area. The expected downtime is between 1 and 15 minutes as they replace the card, and is scheduled to occur tomorrow, Friday, Jan 30, between 5AM and 6AM. We apologize for this necessary interruption of service.

-Jared and Nathan

SMS Uplink Maintenance

One of the uplinks on our SMS that terminates DSL for subscribers in Sacramento is taking errors, causing slight packet loss for all subscribers on that SMS. At 11:45 today, we will be moving that uplink to a new port to resolve the problem. This move will cause 5 minutes of loss of connectivity for all subscribers on this SMS.

-Jared and Nathan

Update: This uplink move has been completed with no complications. Service from this SMS is now trouble-free.

Central Office Outage

We’re currently working on an outage affecting the BKLYCA01 central office. Fusion and FlexLink customers served off this Central Office are currently without connectivity. The problem has been traced to a broken fiber link between OKLDCA03 and BKLYCA01. We’ll update when we have more information. -Nathan and Jared

Update: The affected link has been restored and all customers served by BKLYCA01 are back on-line. -Nathan

Scheduled webmail database maintenance

Starting at 12:30AM this morning, I will be performing maintenance to our databses which serve all our webmail interfaces. During this time, access to these interfaces will be interrupted for a short period of time, however these actions do not interfere with mail flow in any way. This does not have any effect on IMAP or POP services. –Don

Update: The maintenance on our webmail databases has been completed without incident. All Webmail interfaces are back online.

Santa Rosa Datacenter Power Maintenance

We’re doing some massive power work at our Santa Rosa data center and collocation facility on the 24th in order to support our new 500kva UPS. All of the work is fully scripted and we do not anticipate any interruption in power services. However, worst case, one or more of the UPSes serving our Santa Rosa data center may lose power. For most customers this would only mean an interruption in email and hosting services. If you’re interested in learning more, watch for the pending “what’s new” item.  -Russ and Kelsey

Update: This work was completed as planned, with no interruption in service.  For details, see  -Dane

DSL Aggregation Router Maintenance Reload

At 12:01 AM Tuesday, we will be performing a maintenance reload of one of our DSL aggregation routers. This router serves DSL customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and customers served by this router will experience approximately 5 minutes of downtime as the router reloads. If you find that your service is not functioning after this maintenance period, please reboot all equipment connected to your DSL line (DSL modem, router, and/or PC).


Update: The maintenance reload has been completed without incident. All customers who were affected should be up and running again.

Emergency Router Maintenance

At 10:45AM this morning we will be performing an emergency router reload
on one of our ATM customer aggregation routers. All connected Business-T
and FRATM customers will experience approximately 5 minutes of downtime
during the reload. -Jared and Tim

Multiple Router Reload

Three of our DSL aggregation routers reloaded in quick succession due to a software bug that we have identified and are working with the router vendor on a solution.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but do not expect any further router reloads in the near future.

If your DSL is not functioning properly, please reboot all equipment (PC, modem, routers, etc) connected to the DSL line and your service will likely be restored.

-Jared and Nathan