Scheduled webmail database maintenance

Starting at 12:30AM this morning, I will be performing maintenance to our databses which serve all our webmail interfaces. During this time, access to these interfaces will be interrupted for a short period of time, however these actions do not interfere with mail flow in any way. This does not have any effect on IMAP or POP services. –Don

Update: The maintenance on our webmail databases has been completed without incident. All Webmail interfaces are back online.

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  1. Unfortunately for me, this outage coincides with the beginning of the business day in Europe, where I’m trying to get some work done this morning.

  2. Good morning David,

    I extend my apologies for obstructing your workday there. As you can imagine with the size of our customer base, when necessary upgrades/changes are required that are service impacting, we do everything possible to limit the time we affect our customers by doing these things in maintenance windows and at times they would effect the least amount of people.

    That being said, all Webmail interfaces are now up and have been for a bit now. –Don, System Operations

  3. There must be some more maintenance going on this evening or otherwise there is a problem with my email account.
    I have had no mail for at least a couple hours and I know mail has been sent.
    Is there any issues going on with the webmail databas maintenance?

  4. Hello! Our webmail database has not undergone any more maintenance, and it appears that you’re checking your mail in a way that would not be affected by this outage. Please contact our Support department so that we may assist you in diagnosing this issue.

  5. Just to confirm Adam’s above posting, the work that I did this morning would not in any way affect mail flow in either direction, or our POP or IMAP services; it only effected the Webmail interfaces themselves for a short period of time. Once those interfaces (Atmail, Squirrelmail, Nutsmail) were back up, you would see the exact same as you would just before; including all mail you received (or sent if you were using IMAP) during the maintenance. –Don, System Operations

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