Month: August 2010

CLEC Intrusive Maintenance – SNFCCA21

At 12:01AM on 9/2/10 we will be performing intrusive maintenance on the DSLAM serving the (San Francisco) SNFCCA21 POP. All Flexlink Ethernet and Fusion customers served from this POP should experience between 5-15 minutes of downtime while the work is performed.

-Matt, Tim and Jared

Update: Maintenance work has been completed. Downtime for affected customers was less than 5 minutes.

DSL Aggregation Router Lockup

This evening at 9:38PM one of our DSL aggregation routers that serves DSL to the Bay Area locked up and stopped forwarding traffic. We reloaded the router remotely and it is now functioning normally. We will be monitoring this router for any further issues and will be replacing it if further problems are expected.


Fusion Outage

At 4:10PM, we suffered a line card failure on equipment serving a number of Fusion customers served out of the SNFCCA12 CO in San Francisco. We are currently dispatching a technician and will provide updates as we work to resolve this outage.

-Tim, Nathan, and Jared

Update: We have determined that the line card did not actually fail and all affected customers should be back online. We will continue to monitor for any further issues.

Update – 8/24 12:45AM: After running normally for hours, the line card again began exhibiting strange behavior. It has been replaced with a new unit. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this outage.

CLEC Maintenance

This evening starting at 10:00PM, we will be performing maintenance on CLEC equipment serving eastern Santa Rosa. Expected downtime is less than 15 minutes.

ATM Switch Maintenance

This evening, at 12:01AM, we will be performing minor maintenance on one of our ATM switches. The work should only take up to 10 minutes and we do not expect any impact on customer traffic.

-Tim and Jared

Call Center Problems

This morning our phone lines in to the office are reporting all circuits busy. We are actively working with our vendor who has not yet diagnosed the trouble.

This outage affects inbound and outbound calls through our office phone system. No other services are affected by this outage.

As always, we are are available via email to

–Update:  This problem was due to a loss of signaling on our providers network.  The issue has been repaired and our support department is open and taking calls at this time.  Thank you for your patience.

Network Reachability Issues

We have been receiving reports this morning of issues reaching hosts in the Sonic network from external sources. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide more information once it becomes available.

-Tim, Nathan, and the NOC

Update: We have narrowed down the problem to our upstream provider Level 3. There was a routing issue inside of their network that has since been resolved. We have confirmed that any connectivity issues should be resolved at this point.

CLEC Intrusive Maintenance

This evening, at 12:01AM, we will be performing backbone and intrusive power maintenance on equipment at the San Rafael (SNRFCA01) central office. We expect the backbone maintenance to have no impact on customer traffic. The power maintenance will cause a brief interruption of service for FlexLink Long Range customers.

Beginning at 2:00AM, we will be performing power maintenance on equipment at the Burlingame (BRLNCA01) central office. We expect this work to cause up to 30 minutes of downtime for Fusion and FlexLink Long Range customers.

-Tim, Jared, Clay, and Monroe

Santa Rosa Transport Maintenance

This evening, at 12:01AM, we will be performing maintenance on one of the redundant transport links out of our Santa Rosa datacenter. We do not expect this work to have any impact on live customer traffic.

-Tim and Jared

Update: The transport work is completed. There should have been no interruption of live traffic.