Month: October 2010

Domain email tool upgrade

We have cleaned up and improved the functionality of our domain email tool.

New features:

  • Have email sent to your domain be delivered to multiple addresses.

In order to use this feature simply specify your destination emails separated by a comma. ex.,

  • Alias your domain email to another domain.

In order to use this feature enter * for your alias and set your destination to be
This will setup a catchall for your domain and deliver everything to  If the email address doesn’t exists at the mail will bounce.  This is useful if you have several domains and you want to setup the same emails at all of them instead of manually updating each one.

-William and the SOC

DSL outage, 831 area code

We have a number of ADSL customers experiencing a ‘sync no surf’ condition in the 831 area code. AT&T did some repairs overnight, but the outage persists and we have not been given at ETR.

We will continue to work with AT&T and update the MOTD over the course of the day.  Note that Fusion, and Flexlink customers are not affected by this outage.

Eli, Support.

Update: As of 10:30am, the problem has been resolved.

Office Phone Interruption

At 4:09 PM today the phone service at Headquarters in Santa Rosa abruptly cut out. We are currently working with our vendors to resolve this issue to restore phone service. This impacts our ability to make and receive calls; no Internet services should be affected, and no Fusion voice lines should be affected. Thank you for your patience.

Update 5:47 PM: Phone service at Headquarters has been restored.