DSL outage, 831 area code

We have a number of ADSL customers experiencing a ‘sync no surf’ condition in the 831 area code. AT&T did some repairs overnight, but the outage persists and we have not been given at ETR.

We will continue to work with AT&T and update the MOTD over the course of the day.  Note that
Sonic.net Fusion, and Flexlink customers are not affected by this outage.

Eli, Support.

Update: As of 10:30am, the problem has been resolved.

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  1. ADSL AT&T in my Santa Cruz neighborhood has been on/off and now totally off (Saturday) for 3 days.

    After 4 calls to Sonic.net while this was happening all I was advised that there were no network problems, and the problem must problems with the two modems I tried. It was not until after I jumped through several LAN and equipment re-arrangements, that I went looking to borrow a (third) modem from a neighbor that I found out that their AT&T DSL was out too.

    Fifth call to Sonic results in the “known” problem being found by my support person. AT&T working on it, no ETA. (As of 5pm Friday 11/12).

    I can find no mention of this outage on this blog or the website. What is going on?

  2. Hi Mark,

    Our policy is to only announce outages affecting 100 or more people. If you’d like to send me an email to support@sonic.net (subject Attention: Adam E.) with your account information, I’d be happy to look into the cause for the delay identifying the problem within AT&T’s network, and request an updated ETR.

    I do apologize for the extended downtime.

    Best regards,


  3. Now I’ve got connectivity back I can read this – I particularly liked the comment in the original post that Fusion users were not affected, I’d love to be a Fusion customer but last time I checked it wasn’t available in my area (Santa Cruz mountains) though if it were I’d jump at the chance. I imagine the odds of Fusion coming to my area are on a par with my winning the lottery…

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