Month: December 2010

Customer Service Closing Early Support and Sales  will close at 9:30pm Friday December 17th for our employee movie night. Support and Sales will open at the regular time Saturday morning. Programs are required to carry their data disks at all times.

-John F. and the staff

DSL Aggregation Router Failure

This morning at approximately 7:15AM one of our legacy DSL aggregation routers failed. We have re-routed all customers served by that router to one of our hot spares, and are investigating the cause of the initial router failure. All customers affected by this outage should now be back online.


Update: During the migration, some of the affected customers were not built out properly on the new redback. This has been fixed and those customers should be up and running at this time.

Corrupted Email Messages

From approximately noon yesterday to 11:00AM this morning some specific kinds of messages with attachments over 512k may have been partially corrupted by some changes introduced into ours spam filtering systems enabling customers’ blacklists to be applied to all inbound email.  While these changes passed our testing and behaved as expected in our lab some clients appear to format messages in a way that causes a single carriage return in the message source to be lost.  This typically results in an email client not displaying the message body correctly while it still displays the attachments.  We are about to start an automated repair process but it is expected to take several hours to complete scanning and repairing any affected email in all customer’s email spools.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.  –Kelsey and William

Update – As of 14:45, all corrupted messages have been repaired.