Month: January 2011

Internal SQL Server Failure

One of our core internal MySQL servers has experienced a failure off the SSD based storage system that it was recently migrated to.  We’re restoring from backups now, but it is too early to estimate when things will be back up and running.  This does not directly impact any of or access or hosting  services but does disable access to our member tools, signup forms and many other internal systems.

Update:  We’ve successfully migrated back to the old spinning disk RAID and while performance isn’t as good, it is a stable config that has operated for several years without issue.  At this time all affected services are back up and running.  Back to the drawing board for our next generation SQL server platform.  -Kelsey

DSL Aggregation Router Failure

One of our Redback DSL aggregation routers failed this morning at approximately 11:39 AM. We are in the process of migrating all customers off that Redback to a hot spare device. We expect that all affected DSL subscribers will be restored to service in 5 minutes.


Non-Intrusive CLEC Maintenance

This Friday, Jan 14th at 12:01 AM we will be performing non-intrusive power maintenance on our equipment in the downtown Santa Rosa CO. We do not anticipate any customer impact during this work.

-Nathan and Tim

Update: This maintenance has been pushed to Friday, Jan 14th at 12:01 AM

Unexpected DSL Aggregation Router Reboot

At 8:03PM this evening one of the DSL aggregation routers that serves legacy DSL customers in LATA 1 rebooted unexpectedly. Service for affected customers was restored by 8:05PM. We are investigating the cause of this reboot and will monitor closely for any further issues.

-Tim and Jared

DSL Outage in San Francisco

As of 3:30pm PST, DSL customers served out of many San Francisco wire centers are currently without internet due to an AT&T equipment failure. Our estimated time of repair is within several hours.  We are working with AT&T to fix the problem, and we hope to update our MOTD with a more exact repair time shortly.

Fusion customers in San Francisco are not affected by this outage.

Update: At 4:20pm, most of our customers appear to be surfing again, and AT&T expects the remaining customers to be fixed shortly.

Los Angeles DoS Attack

Starting at about 9:57 AM today, a distributed denial of service attack was launched at one of our DSL subscribers in Los Angeles. This resulted in reachability issues for many of our customers served out of LA. We blocked the DDoS attack at our edge within 10 minutes, thus restoring service to the affected customers.