DSL Outage in San Francisco

As of 3:30pm PST, DSL customers served out of many San Francisco wire centers are currently without internet due to an AT&T equipment failure. Our estimated time of repair is within several hours.  We are working with AT&T to fix the problem, and we hope to update our MOTD with a more exact repair time shortly.

Fusion customers in San Francisco are not affected by this outage.

Update: At 4:20pm, most of our customers appear to be surfing again, and AT&T expects the remaining customers to be fixed shortly.

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  1. Is something going on in San Jose as well? My DSL seems to be down, and I’m online via 56k modem.

  2. My zytel isn’t assigning dhcp via fusion in the 95404, confirmed with known good cat5/replaced filters. Have had prob since 5am. Currently on hold again. Was on hold for 20mins previously – tech lowered from uncapped to 8M, raised SNR to 6. Just hit the 14minute mark on second call back with this yes sync/no dhcp problem… Not happy

  3. Eric,

    Your troubles on Fusion wouldn’t be related to AT&T’s troubles on their legacy DSL network.

    VERY sorry about the really long hold times today. We’re growing faster than we can keep up at this point, and are trying to streamline, hire, etc to resolve as quickly as possible.


  4. Thanks Dane. I wasn’t getting anywhere with tech support and was grasping at straws. By Zytel I meant ZTE. The modem was able to assign an IP later that night.

    At this point my Fusion access is:
    1. Interleaved and taking latency hit
    2. Capped
    3. “Operating” with increased SNR

    I’m down from the 8.5/1 connection I started with to 6.5/.8. AT&T & PG&E did something at the end of our street the other night (planned outage 10p-5a), but Sonic won’t roll truck or call AT&T on their shenanigans even though from MPOE back, nothing has changed. I’m evaluating (sonic user ‘eehbostrom’) Fusion at my house before I start implementing it at our dozen or so jobsites (sonic user ‘midstate’), and I’ve experience nothing but frustration.

    I wish I could see the quality of my line without calling in – relcap, SNR, noise margin – anything that would keep me from operating blind. I hoped that Fusion would be as reliable as the Flexlink connection I implemented at the office, or even the Comcast 20/4 connection I left.

  5. Hello Ashwin,
    The DSL outage in SF was cleared yesterday. We haven’t received any reports of widespread outages in the Berkeley area. If you are down please contact our customer support department for assistance. You can find a local number for support here: http://sonic.net/popf2/

  6. This afternoon my phone service at 707 253 9373 stopped. Ihave no dial tone. IF I call my # via my cell I am told my number has been disconnected. HELP! Please reply

  7. Hi Jessie,

    I’m sorry to hear about your phone service, but I can assure you that this status message is unrelated. Please give Technical Support a call at 707-547-3400 so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.


  8. To Sonic Support;
    Yesterday both my landline/Lifeline telephone service became disconnected, also I lost all signal to my modem, this is second time in under two weeks I have had service related connection issues.
    Please repair my service ASAP, I depend on my PC and Lifeline telephone to co,unicate with my health care providers, Dr’s, pharmacy, soial workers Ect;
    Thank you in Advance, please fix this as soon as humanly possible

  9. Patrick,

    Are you a Sonic.net customer? You are posting from an AT&T IP address.

    If you are having an issue with AT&T landline phone service, call AT&T repair at 1-866-346-1168.

  10. Any thought to expanding fiber or the fusion to Campbell? I’m too far away to get fusion. I’m a legacy ATT (Pac Bell actually) customer and would like to leave.

    SONIC DSl has been great. Thank you for answering the phone and questions. So far great tech support.

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