Month: January 2013

Fusion Upload/download Speed Priority Toggle

Fusion customers can toggle between the default download (Annex A) and upload (Annex M) prioritization profiles using the Fusion Self Service tools available as option 2 on  6-1-1 when dialed from a Fusion Voice line.  Annex M can provide a boost in upload speed at the cost of download speed and can be useful, for example, when running a large upload.  For more information, please see this forum post.   Please note that in many cases your modem will need to be reconfigured in order to sync on the Annex M profile and that Sonic’s support is not able to assist with this.  If you have questions or need assistance please see our forums.

Legacy DSL Outage

At around 8:30PM this evening, an aggregation device that serves a subset of legacy DSL subscribers in the  Bay Area stopped passing traffic. The device was reloaded and service was restored by 10:17PM. We are investigating the cause of the issue further to ensure it does not happen again.

– Tomoc

b.custsql MySQL migration

UPDATE: The migration was successful. Everything should be working properly and with better performance.

Tonight 1-17-2013  at 11:59 pm we will be migrating one of our MySQL servers (b.custsql) to new hardware. We estimate downtime should be 30 minutes to 1hr. This database server will be unavailable to sites at this time. At the same time we will be enforcing our current policy of not allowing MySQL connections to this server from systems other than our web and shell servers.


Emergency ATM Maintenance

At 1:53am, an ATM switch serving a subset of subscribers in LATA1 and LATA9 required an emergency reboot. Affected customers should have experienced no more than 20 of total down time.

– Tomoc and Nathan

Fiber DIA Outage

At  3:48PM this afternoon, an aggregation circuit serving Fiber DIA customers in northern California experienced a short outage. The issue was quickly diagnosed and connectivity was restored at 3:57PM. We have determined a technician from one of our collocation facilities pulled an incorrect cross-connect while performing otherwise routine maintenance.  We will be working with the provider to ensure such mistakes do not happen again.


Router Maintenance

Tonight, beginning at 11:59PM, we will be performing minor maintenance on routers that serve Biz-T and FRATM customers in both northern and southern California. Expected downtime is less than 10 minutes.

– Robbie