Month: August 2013

FlexLink Equipment Maintenance

On Thursday the 8th, beginning at 12:00AM, we will be performing intrusive maintenance on equipment serving FlexLink Long Range customers in the Burlingame area. Expected downtime for affected customers is less than 15 minutes.

-Tim and Monroe

Update: We will also be performing maintenance on equipment serving a very small number of Private Ethernet Transport customers in the San Francisco area. Expected downtime for this operation is less than 10 minutes.

Customer Database Load

Due to excessive load on our customer database servers,  databases connection may intermittently time out. We are working to fix the problem and prevent further interruption.

Update: Currently both customer mysql server instances are off-line, we’re investigating what appears to be a hardware related issue and hope to have services restores shortly.

Update: It appears that these problems were caused by an issue with the raid controller not properly handling IO at anywhere near its expected performance levels.  A reboot seems to have restored performance back to normal.  We will continue to monitor the system closely.



Custom Hosting updates

Update: Reboot was complete as of 12:05 am.


Tonight, at 11:59 pm, we will be rebooting our custom hosting platform. Any sites hosted on that platform will be unreachable during this time. Expect service to be available at 12:15 am.

Grant and SOC