Month: October 2013

Non-Intrusive Voice Network Maintenance

6:05PM PDT – This maintenance has been postponed.

Tonight starting at 11:59PM PDT I will be performing some non-intrusive maintenance to our voice network in Santa Rosa. No service impact is expected from this. This maintenance is expected to last 15-20 minutes.


–Tim J.

Fusion and FlexLink outage

We are currently investigating an outage affecting all Fusion and FlexLink customers in the Mendocino area. Further details will be provided as soon as possible as we work towards resolution of the issue.


Update: Service should be restored to all customers as of 8:08AM. We are investigating the cause of the outage further.

Outbound Voice Issues

At approximately 4PM this afternoon we received multiple reports of outbound calls failing to complete on our voice network. We traced the problem to an upstream provider and have presently routed around them.

-Sonic NOC

FRATM Maintenance

Tonight, October 29, starting at 11:59pm, we will be performing intrusive maintenance serving FRATM customers in Northern California. Expected downtime is less than 10 minutes.

Update: Maintenance complete

– Tomoc and Robbie

Legacy DSL Outage

We are currently investigating an outage affecting legacy DSL customers in the Chico area. We are working on locating the cause and resolving the issue as soon as possible.

Update: All affected customers should have stabilized, we are working with AT&T to determine the cause of the issue.


webmail, forums, wiki outage

This morning around 9:35 am both of our redundant servers that serve several of our websites including webmail, forums, wiki and our blog became unresponsive and caused the sites to become unavailable. The sites are back up now and we are investigating what caused this outage.

-William and the SOC

NOC hotline unreachable

The NOC hotline for business customer support is presently experiencing
intermittent call completion issues. We are working to diagnose and resolve this
problem, but in the mean time please contact support at 707-547-3400 and
request to be transferred to the NOC if necessary.  An update will be
posted when this service interruption has been restored.


Update: The call completion issue with the NOC hotline should be resolved now.  The issue was with one of our upstream providers.



Fusion/Flexlink Network Maintenance

Update (1:10AM) : This maintenance is now complete.

Tonight, October 21st, beginning at 11:59 PM, I will be performing maintenance on equipment that serves Fusion and Flexlink customers in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, and Watsonville areas.

– Robbie

Non-intrusive Voice Network Maintenance

Update: 12:41AM PDT 10/22/13 – This maintenance is now complete.

Tonight starting at 11:59 PM PDT we will begin working on our voice infrastructure in Santa Rosa. This is expected to last 2-3 hours. Hosted PBX customers may have intermittent access to commportal during the upgrade, but no other impact is anticipated.

-Tim J.

Fusion/Flexlink Voice Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with in and outbound calling through our voice platform. Our engineers are working on identifying and resolving the problem ASAP.

– Noc

Update: All call issues should be resolved as of around 1:50PM. We are presently working on a root cause analysis and will provide more information as it becomes available.