Month: October 2021

Systems Maintenance

Update: Maintenance complete.

Tonight, October 28th, beginning at 10pm we will be performing maintenance on several systems, including our customer shell server.  Any downtime to effected services is expected to be minimal, and we estimate the maintenance to take no more than 2 hours.

Sonic Fiber 2am Maintenance

Update (10/25 12:45pm): This 2am maintenance has been canceled.  We were able to complete a mid-day fix of the small subset of customers that were affected in one region of San Francisco, and all affected customers are back up now.


Hello and Good morning Sonic Customers,


We will be doing a 2am Port reconfiguration on 10/26/2021 for our Fiber services in San Francisco. This will bring services down for a small subset of Sonic Fiber users in SF for about 30 mins. Sonic Support will not be in but can take your call at 8am Tuesday morning. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. All customers affected by this will be sent an email and text message.


-Sonic Support

Card Reboot San Francisco

We have a scheduled card reboot in San Francisco for tomorrow morning, 10/22, starting at 2am. A small subset of users on our Sonic Fiber service will be impacted by this maintenance. Downtime is expected to be between 15-20 minutes.

System Maintenance

Update 10/20 11:30pm: Maintenance work is complete.

Update 10:55pm: Due to unforeseen circumstances this maintenance work has been rescheduled for the following evening.


10/19/2021: Sonic Operations will conduct maintenance on various public-facing systems, including the VPN servers, beginning at 11pm. Downtime for individual systems will be brief, and the maintenance window is one hour.

Card Reboot San Francisco

Update -We are now seeing all customers back up after the reboot. If you are still experiencing problems with your connection, please contact our technical support team at 1 (855) 394-0100

We are currently experiencing an outage in San Francisco which will require a card reboot, we will be starting it now. Downtime is expected to be between 15-20 minutes.

Northern California Core Maintenance

Update 10/8/21 12:47AM: This work is now complete

Tonight, 10/7/21, starting at 11:59 PM, we will be performing non-intrusive maintenance on core routing equipment in our northern California network.

We do not expect this work to cause any customer impact. The maintenance window is open until 4am.

-Network Engineering

VPN Maintenance

Beginning at 11pm tonight, October 7, Sonic Operations will perform maintenance on the VPN cluster. While downtime is not expected, clients may experience reconnects as various nodes are restarted. Expected duration of the maintenance operations is less than half an hour.

Update 11:11pm: Maintenance complete.

Fusion Fiber Intrusive Maintenance – Albany

Update 2:40AM: This maintenance is now complete.

Friday morning (10/8/21) at 2 AM we will be performing intrusive system maintenance on a small subset of Fusion Fiber customers in the Albany area. The expected down time is about 15-30 minutes while the equipment reboots. The maintenance window is 2 hours.

~Network Engineering

Fusion Fiber Maintenance – Richmond District in San Francisco

Update(3:02) Maintenance now complete

Thursday morning (10/7/21) at 2 AM we will be performing intrusive system maintenance to replace a piece of redundant gear serving a subset of Fusion Fiber customers in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Data and voice services could potentially be interrupted off and on for up to 30 minutes. The maintenance window is 2 hours.

~Network Engineering