Card Reboot San Francisco

Update -We are now seeing all customers back up after the reboot. If you are still experiencing problems with your connection, please contact our technical support team at 1 (855) 394-0100

We are currently experiencing an outage in San Francisco which will require a card reboot, we will be starting it now. Downtime is expected to be between 15-20 minutes.

4 comments for “Card Reboot San Francisco

  1. It was out for two hours before this message was posted! Grrrr. How about some better status pages from “the best ISP on the planet”. Going down for multiple hours in the middle of a workday is not great.

    Also, claiming downtime is between 15-20 minutes greatly understates the amount of time Sonic has been down for. I suppose that is meant to say “15-20 additional minutes”.

  2. We are sorry that we were not able to get this post up sooner. We will work better in the future to ensure that our customers are properly informed.

  3. Hello! If you are still having issues please give our Support Team a call at 1-855-394-0100 8am-10pm 7 days a week. Best Wishes!

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