Author: Derek Vejby

Small Fiber Outage in San Francisco

We are currently experiencing a small area outage for some Fusion Fiber customers in San Francisco. Our Network Engineers are currently working on a resolution but there is no ETR at this moment.


Update 7:20PM: Repairs are currently in progress, still no ETR at this point.

Update 2, 10:51PM: Replacement of a section of damaged fiber cable is required. Cable replacement is expected to begin at 8:00am, causing up to 2 hours of down time for customers served by the damaged cable.

UPDATE 3: The issue is still ongoing. The repair looks to take a bit longer. We are going for an estimated repair time of about 3pm.


UPDATE 4: As of 3pm the issue is still on going but we are making progress. Will update this page when we have more information.

Update 5, 4:50PM: Repairs have been completed and service is restored. If you are still experiencing connectivity issues please reboot your devices and then reach out to Sonic Support.